Little Successes Still Make Me Smile

I reached my first weight-loss goal and it only took a month. I lost one kilogram! I actually made some progress this week in particular. I decided to up my caloric intake. I know what you are thinking why increase your calories if you weren’t losing? I wasn’t really monitoring my calories to start just my portions and well the food itself. I have cut down a lot on sweets and am cooking a lot more, consuming less takeaways etc. add that to the increase in exercise and I figure the sudden change in my diet from what was probably something like 2700 calories to 1500 calories might have paralyzed my metabolism. We will see if the increase helps me out next week as well or if today was just a fluke. No I didn’t add back the unhealthy stuff I am just being more reasonable with my potions sizes. Sam has lost 5 or 6 kgs in 6 weeks. He is not following the same routine and is doing very light exercise a few minutes a day and has cut down sweets and takeaways. He has lost so many inches from his waistline. I have lost some off my waist/arms as well but nothing at all from my thighs.

I also finished Body Rock TV’s 30 Day Real Time Challenge (HIIT routines that sometimes exceed an hour) and let me tell you it was hard particularly for me as I have a weak upper body. I had tried this challenge several times but was never able to complete it I always had to start over due to sickness, injury, or because I simply wasn’t strong enough to level up. I am very proud of myself. I was never able to do all of the pushups in full plank (forget the one handed pushups lol) but I certainly decreased the time I spent doing them on my knees. I have just started a new challenge and look forward to comparing the results.

On another note I keep injuring my wrist and no surprisingly not from all the pushups. When I sleep I tuck my hands inward like a cat (twisting them in grievous ways, configurations you would never ever assume when awake) and then to add insult to injury I put weight on them! It is a terrible habit that has resulted in overstretched ligaments and months of pain (which is part of the reason I can’t stay in full plank and do my pushups). I think I am going to have to sleep in a wrist brace to prevent further injury. I try to catch myself in the act but that has only ruined my sleep, I guess in an effort to take the pressure off the nerves in my shoulders (I have shoulder impingement syndrome which is helped by building strength/increasing flexibility) I have started to do strange things during the night with the rest of my body. I can’t sleep on my back because it causes my hands to burn and go numb. Maybe I need to be in a full body brace during the night as so many of my worst injuries occur then. I swear sometimes I wake up feeling like I have been run over with a car. 


If you want to try the challenge yourself here is the first video