Leg Raises

I have been thinking about doing this for a while but I am hideously uncomfortable with my own body. I am working with this issue in therapy but every time I film or photograph myself the results are so depressing. I always look at these things and think damn I need to lose 40 lbs (if I actually did that though I’d be a skeleton). I have to get used to being viewed if I am ever going to apply as a fitness instructor. In this case the camera is below me which is supposedly bad but I have no idea how I would get my lap top above me. The hat rack maybe? The lighting is bad but this is my only set of stairs and I don’t own camera lighting. Anyway I would like to film an exercise a day but knowing me that isn’t going to happen!

I don’t own a pull up bar so I had to use the stairs. This exercise is easier when you have a pull up bar because it is easier to get a solid grip. The stairs are slick and I am basically holding a lot of my weight in my fingertips. I haven’t shown you my fingers but they are kind of bendy/floppy so maybe this will help my grip haha My legs can only come up as far as the stairs, basically 90 degrees. You don’t have to do this with your legs strait, you can draw up your bent knees as well. I just got off of work (I changed) in this and it was a long tough day. I missed last week because of illness and it was absolutely filthy. For those of you who don’t know I clean an auto shop and there is a surprising amount of heavy-lifting involved so I am knackered. Also breathe when you do this, I was too nervous to breathe.