Hungry and Sleepy

I don’t actually remember where I am in this blog. What have I told you? What haven’t I told you? Anyhow I have switched to my new workout format. I now wake up at 5:50 am so I can get ready for work. I still do yoga in the mornings which is partly why I have to wake up so damn early. I don’t have much time to get ready in the mornings and it is a mad chaotic dash. I have to do a lot of prep in advance. I have to prepare my lunch and even my breakfast the night before. I have to set my clothes out in advance. I have to brush my hair and floss my teeth the night before as well. Weirdly my hair does not get tangled from sleeping. Once I am off the bus I have to walk as fast as I can (considering the snow and ice) to work. It is only like a 10 minute walk but I am power walking the hell out it. My job is not totally sedentary. I am standing for some of it, twisting turning, and occasionally it requires a little umm force. Then I get to sit in the cold for about 50 minutes waiting for the bus which I am sure is burning calories because even though I eat lunch I am pretty much starved by the time I get home lol Once home I clean and workout. I haven’t gotten used to the new schedule yet so the workouts are pretty fucking grueling. When I have yoga that is fabulous but Hiit and weights is tough. My arms are actually rather tired since I am using my hands and arms in my work. I know I am burning extra calories but I have less time to eat. I like to have peanut butter sandwiches for breakfast but that takes a long time to eat (I am the slowest sandwich eater in the known universe) and so I end up with oatmeal or kefir and muesli and that does nothing to sooth my voracious appetite. For lunch it is just easier to have a sandwich partly because I am too lazy about cooking dinner and rarely have anything left over. I have to get the eating sorted because I am sure that is partly why I don’t have any energy by the time I workout. Also Sam and Isadora are sick so I might be fighting their germs.