Fitness Goals

The other day I listed some of weight-loss and measurement goals so today I wanted to list my fitness/health goals which I feel are more important and will keep me motivated for years to come. From past experience I have learned that weight-loss only goals can lead to some pretty unhealthy practices. Either you hit your goal weight and then revert back to your pre-diet habits or you go to the other extreme pushing harder and harder in order to see “progress” via continued shrinkage. Neither is an ideal scenario and neither promotes health/self-acceptance. Since I am already at a healthy weight (vanity aside) my main focus is fitness.

  1. Run 5 km (I have never actually tried to run 5 km so who knows it might be possible now. I have never been interested in running but I just think this would be a good test of my cardio health. I will, however, be waiting until it warms up to test this out!
  2. Improve my core flexibility. I have been working at this a while now with twists, backbends, sidebends etc.
  3. Improve the joint stability around my knees. I have been doing quite a lot of leg work as of late (wall squats, lunge pulses, lunge holds etc.) and my legs are looking better for it. I am also working on my ankle and hip flexibility, as well as the strength in my outer thighs which are significantly weaker than my inner thighs. My goal is to improve my lunge and decrease the frequency of knee pain.
  4. Continue my posture work and strengthen my back. My abs have always been significantly stronger than my back so I want to achieve a better balance.
  5. Improve my wrist strength. This sounds weird but I have trouble with hyper-extending my wrists. At my cleaning job I carry an industrial vacuum around and the damn thing weighs 40 lbs easily and carrying it has resulted in reoccurring wrist pain.
  6. To do more pushups in full form than on my knees. At the moment I can’t do that many full pushups, the actual number varies daily (my wrist has been creating issues for me). To some day manage a spider pushup! I am actually pretty good at 1 legged pushups bizarrely.
  7. To cook all the recipes in a cookbook. I admit I saw a movie with this theme at some point years ago but if I was more confident in my cooking maybe it wouldn’t be such a chore. I am not sure this will ever happen but I put it on here anyways.
  8. Do a wall handstand. Actually in yoga classes I have done this successfully but that was with the emotional support of a teacher. When I am alone I am just too damn scared. My fear of heights is really out of control!

I will stop here because my mind just of blanked and anyhow there is plenty to work on already!



Today I did this video which is quite long!

I really enjoyed today’s workout though and feel this was the best I have done with this video yet. I did significantly more push ups in full form. The other day I bought push up stands and I like the depth I am able to achieve with them. I also did the tuck jumps since my knees were feeling good today. I did not do the ninja tuck jumps though because I am not that coordinated! I did Burpees instead. I feel I stuck very close to the workout as presented. I do not have a dip station so for those exercise alternatives were necessary but I felt I chose very compatible options. I was a bit stiff today though in the calves from the previous day of jumping. The next 2 days I will have lighter sessions and no jumping so that will be a relief!


Today I did P90X2 Chest + Shoulders + Tris and X2 Ab Ripper. I did make some changes for example I have not figured out the Chattarocker pushup and might not be ready for it considering my level with pushups (aka pathetic). I did forearm plank to full plank instead (not on my knees). As usual most pushups were on my knees except 5 which I did full. I don’t have an infinite battalion of med balls so for the 3 Med Ball Pushup I did a pushup using a med ball switching/rolling between my hands if that even makes sense! For the Dips with the med balls I just used my step stool instead. The workout was challenging from a strength perspective but I didn’t sweat much. I though the Iron Man with the Pilates Ball felt slightly weird because the Pilates Ball is wider than I am so I felt my arms were pretty far away. I am not sure if I will continue writing these blogs with my daily routines, I am feeling motivated and committed and keeping a journal with my daily workouts. I may report periodically on fitness milestones or post the occasional workout video but unless someone is using these for motivational purposes I don’t feel I need it right now. I may start again if my motivation wavers to help me remain accountable but I am pretty pumped up at the moment!

Oh also I am on a campaign to drink more water and see if that helps me obtain better results. Naturally I don’t drink much, maybe a liter a day. So I have my water bottle and a goal to get in 2 liters which is a lot for me but I think some of my issues are dehydration related. I have to tell myself to drink, to schedule it even, because for some reason the urge just doesn’t strike me often enough.

Today’s workout was Chest Back Plus Balance P90X2. I am not sure I did a single move on the video! First there is the obvious issue that I don’t own a pull up bar so I have to sub those out with various exercises. Secondly I only own 1 medicine ball not 4! Even if I did own 4 I honestly can’t imagine a day where I would be performing a pushup suspended completely on medicine balls (the terror aspect alone!). I am also scared to even attempt a regular pushup where I clap my hands together so I always do those on my knees. Actually to be fair I am still doing most pushups on my knees. My upper body is a lot weaker than my lower body. I think that it is okay as long as I am doing the hardest version I can perform with good form. Sometimes I do throw in regular pushups but in these videos they are doing 100s of push ups, all different types and I am just not able to do a 100 pushups like for real yo. At the end he threw in an Ab Ripper challenge.


On another note I had a nightmare last night and like many nightmares it sounds quite silly in retelling. I dreamed this somewhat scarecrow-like 20-something-looking man was hanging around the house. As silly as this sounds he actually drove a hearse through the patch of forest beside our house on arrival. Sometimes he had dreads and sometimes short spiky black hair. He kept trying to convince me that my life, my history, the history of my house were different than what I know them to be. He tried to convince me that at one time there had been another floor to our house and that there had been a very nice apartment there where a sick little boy had lived. He told me the boy had died there. I told him based on the blueprints of our house it was not possible and that I knew the previous and only owners of the house and they were very much alive and that they had only one child. He tried to tell me I was part of a Cheerleading troupe, yeah right a 35 year old, chubby, nonathletic, antisocial woman dedicated to a life of competitive cheerleading. He tried to convince me that a lot of different people lived in our house, that it was a communal property and in the dream my house was full of people (not sure if they were meant to be alive or if they were spirits). He tried saying that I lived with my mom instead of my husband, just all sorts of things. I spent half the night arguing with this bastard. He seemed absolutely intent to rewrite my life. I can’t say why it was scary maybe because things and people kept disappearing, maybe because he was especially intent on removing my husband for the location, maybe because things seemed to get heavier and grayer as it went along, maybe because he reminded me of that damn incubus I haven’t seen in a long time. Anyhow that dream is still hanging on tight despite the fact I have been up for hours.

Some more pictures


Me and my weird cheekbones, in pictures my eyes often look markedly different sizes but when I look in the mirror they don’t I am assuming it has to do with weird facial expressions.



And these are 2 more recent pics of Isadora. I still have more but I figure this is enough for now. My beautiful ricemaker is behind her in the first one haha

Little Successes Still Make Me Smile

I reached my first weight-loss goal and it only took a month. I lost one kilogram! I actually made some progress this week in particular. I decided to up my caloric intake. I know what you are thinking why increase your calories if you weren’t losing? I wasn’t really monitoring my calories to start just my portions and well the food itself. I have cut down a lot on sweets and am cooking a lot more, consuming less takeaways etc. add that to the increase in exercise and I figure the sudden change in my diet from what was probably something like 2700 calories to 1500 calories might have paralyzed my metabolism. We will see if the increase helps me out next week as well or if today was just a fluke. No I didn’t add back the unhealthy stuff I am just being more reasonable with my potions sizes. Sam has lost 5 or 6 kgs in 6 weeks. He is not following the same routine and is doing very light exercise a few minutes a day and has cut down sweets and takeaways. He has lost so many inches from his waistline. I have lost some off my waist/arms as well but nothing at all from my thighs.

I also finished Body Rock TV’s 30 Day Real Time Challenge (HIIT routines that sometimes exceed an hour) and let me tell you it was hard particularly for me as I have a weak upper body. I had tried this challenge several times but was never able to complete it I always had to start over due to sickness, injury, or because I simply wasn’t strong enough to level up. I am very proud of myself. I was never able to do all of the pushups in full plank (forget the one handed pushups lol) but I certainly decreased the time I spent doing them on my knees. I have just started a new challenge and look forward to comparing the results.

On another note I keep injuring my wrist and no surprisingly not from all the pushups. When I sleep I tuck my hands inward like a cat (twisting them in grievous ways, configurations you would never ever assume when awake) and then to add insult to injury I put weight on them! It is a terrible habit that has resulted in overstretched ligaments and months of pain (which is part of the reason I can’t stay in full plank and do my pushups). I think I am going to have to sleep in a wrist brace to prevent further injury. I try to catch myself in the act but that has only ruined my sleep, I guess in an effort to take the pressure off the nerves in my shoulders (I have shoulder impingement syndrome which is helped by building strength/increasing flexibility) I have started to do strange things during the night with the rest of my body. I can’t sleep on my back because it causes my hands to burn and go numb. Maybe I need to be in a full body brace during the night as so many of my worst injuries occur then. I swear sometimes I wake up feeling like I have been run over with a car. 


If you want to try the challenge yourself here is the first video