Shake it off

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I decided to take some images so you can see the body I am so embarrassed about because it is just ridiculous for me to be so afraid of what in reality is just an average form. I realized when I was out swimming how little others care about what I look like in fact no one looked at me except for a couple of kids and they were just happy to be alive. Anyhow I had some unexpected difficulties taking these photos. I can’t zoom out my webcam and my apartment is small so I couldn’t get a full body shot. The second problem was just plan funny. It was actually very hard to find filters where I wasn’t basically invisible because I am so pale lol When I think about it probably no one can see me in high sunlight lol Originally I hadn’t planned to show my stomach but the tank I was wearing was white and again it blended right in, so I actually looked strait up naked in a barbie doll sort of way. So I switched to a black top but that blended in with other furnishings so I lifted up the top hoping that black white contrast would show that there was in fact a human being in the photos. No wonder the people I was swimming with freaked out whenever I wasn’t in the shade they couldn’t find me lol My right leg I am on my toe (lightly) and my left I am flat-footed. It looks sort of strange at the ankle because my socks are pink which is also apparently nearly the color of my amazing chameleon skin. Being so fair you can’t definition easily either which plan sucks.

I put most of my weight in my thighs. I could strangle a bear with my legs which is probably why I have never been approached by any bears. Currently my waist is pretty strait not much of a curve going on yet but “finger crossed”. I have a somewhat hard time believing I have put on 20 lbs because while I want to lose a few I think I must have looked unwell 20 lbs ago. I am short so 20 lbs is a lot of weight. That weird thing under my arm is actually my head hair (I have curly fluffy hair as you know), so not like massive arm pit hair! I do shave I promise!

On a completely different note I dropped of my registration form for school and tomorrow Sam and I are looking at 2 houses. So wish me luck!