Measurement Update (baby steps)

Honestly I can’t believe it has been 9 months since I last updated my measurements. I actually thought I had done it 2 months ago, time really flies haha. There is nothing amazing to report. As you know I have thyroid issues and because of it my metabolism is slower than average. Calorie deficits don’t work for me because it seems to trigger starvation mode instantaneously. For several months I attempted my usual over-exercise route but of course that has the same effect of slowing my metabolism to a crawl (it also increases my appetite). So recently I have reworked my exercise plan. I eat normally. No dieting. No restriction other than keeping my sweet treats down to once a day in sensible portions. I exercise in moderation (at least I try). I have after months of spinning in circles and struggling against my metabolism finally started to see a teeny tiny bit of movement in the right direction. It’s not much and I know anyone else in 9 months would have a totally different body by now but I haven’t gained and that alone makes me happy. Consistency, consistency, consistency. I am aiming for a lifelong plan obviously, not a quick fix.

Here are my old stats for comparison

Starting Weight: 59.5 kg/131lbs
Current Weight: 58 kg/127.8 lbs

Right and Left Arm: 27 cm/10.6 inches
Waist: 66.6 cm/26.2 inches (look at that evil number haha)
Hips 96.5 cm/37.9 inches
Right Thigh: 54.3 cm/21.4 inches
Left Thigh: 53.8 cm/21.2 inches
Right and Left Calf: 34.2 cm/13.5 inches
Chest: 95.5 cm/37.5 inches

Here are my stats as of this morning

Current Weight- 56.2 kg/123.8 1bs

Right and Left Arm: 25.4 cm/10 inches

Waist: 64.7 cm/25.5 inches

Hips: 91.4 cm/36 inches

Right Thigh: 51.4 cm/20.25 inches

Left Thigh: 50.8 cm/20 inches

Right and Left Calf: 33.6 cm/13.25 (My calves are pretty much just this size as weird and enormous as that is. No matter what I weigh that is the size they are.)

Chest: 88.9 cm/35 inches (I am not totally sure about this because I didn’t have a proper bra on I had on my sports bra where as before I wore a properly fitting bra. Either way my actual boobs don’t seem to have changed much and I hope they won’t because I am satisfied with them lol)

What I am aiming for (overall I am pretty content I just really want a tiny waist)

Weight: 54 kg/120 lbs (I am not that far! Though it might take me another 9 months to get there lol)

Arms: 9.5 inches so not much just a little sleeker

Waist: 23 inches (lol really I do probably not going to happen if I don’t give up gluten though because I have problems with my stomach (try alternating diarrhea and constipation, bloating and severe cramps))

Hips: I am not really aiming to lose my butt

Thighs: Don’t really care actually 20 inches even just for symmetry. I am not worried about thick thighs though, that is my personal preference. I wouldn’t mind losing a bit more fat and putting in some more muscle though. Actually even though the measurements haven’t changed much I visually do see a difference!

Calves: The calves I have are the calves I have, genetically I come from a long line of ladies with monster calves.

Chest: I would like to keep what I have please and thank you.



Today I did Pap Upper from P90X2. The first circuit, which we repeated 4 times, was the hardest. I am quite slow at pushups so I had to pause and to do my 10 renegade row/pushups and 6 plyo pushups (I also somehow do these in slow mo which is very surreal). I did the warmup pushups in full form but then I had to go to my knees for the circuit though the rows were done in full plank. I was very pleased with myself I was able to hold the declined forearm plank in full form for the full time every time. My weights aren’t great for the rows though they crush my hands and so I am thinking I will need something that gives me a bit more clearance. I used bands in place of pullups because I do not have a pull up bar. I liked this workout I feel it really hit me in one of my weakest and hardest to get to areas.
Now for the measurements. I am disappointed with them honestly. Sam says I look great and reminds me to focus on health goals. He doesn’t think I need to lose weight.

Height: 5’4/163 cm
Starting Weight: 59.5 kg/131lbs
Current Weight: 58 kg/127.8 lbs
Goal Weight: 54 kg/120 lbs

My hope is to lose 2 lbs/0.9 kg a month. Obviously I’d love to be a 1 lb a week girl but since I am not overweight and I have Hypothyroidism that didn’t seem realistic to me.

I am not going to list my past measurements just click here to view them.

Right and Left Arm: 27 cm/10.6 inches (my arms got bigger all those pushups maybe?)
Waist: 66.6 cm/26.2 inches (small loss)
Hips 96.5 cm/37.9 inches (quite a big loss)
Right Thigh: 54.3 cm/21.4 inches (slightly bigger)
Left Thigh: 53.8 cm/21.2 inches (same, maybe I had a tense right thigh this morning)
Right and Left Calf: 34.2 cm/13.5 inches (small loss)
Chest: 95.5 cm/37.5 inches (loss but not desired)

My computer is not working well and needs to be replaced I do not know how long it has left =(

Kitchen Sink

I tried a Turbofire class today, I mean video. Turbofire is high-intensity cardio. I haven’t gotten my fitness back yet, after my surgery I had trouble getting back on track. I had a surgery in August and for 6 weeks I wasn’t allowed to do more than a little walking and a bit of yoga. After that I did a little Pilates/yoga but I didn’t get back into my strength and cardio until recently. I don’t have any excuse for that, I mean I was basically hibernating! I am not familiar with this program though I have done Insanity, a few years ago! It was fast, that is the main thing I can say about it. I am not that coordinated (that is an understatement) so I did find transitions a challenge. She went from one exercise to another bam bam bam. It was like cardio on amphetamines. I can’t really see my screen anymore without glasses (which I can’t wear when flying all over the place), I mean a bit, but like not in a productive meaningful way, so I go by sound in my workouts more than anything else (maybe I should get audio book versions haha). I am like a machine during a yoga video, I don’t even have to strain at the screen if I hear the command then I understand perfectly, even if I have never done the video before. Cardio is a bit trickier if I don’t know off hand the name of the move. I have memorized the names of tons of moves but sometimes names vary a bit. So there will be a learning curve. I swear if you screamed Burpee at me in the mall I’d be on the ground instantly! In fact when I fall down, as I often do, I have even started to fall that way by instinct.

Anyhow I was moving as fast as I could, improvising when I couldn’t see or perfectly make sense of what was happening, sweating generously, and the time just vanished. Did I even do the video? It was all so fast. I am sore from a seriously brutal butt-workout previously so my body was worn out before I began. I did not need to take any pauses or anything and went hard, full-on for the 30 minutes. I would not say this is my favorite style of exercise. I like HIIT more than aerobic kickboxing or whatever this is and I like to stay with the same exercises for a bit longer (I like intervals of about 30 seconds). I also didn’t like her comment about ditching your friends if they don’t exercise? Maybe I misunderstood but I am not into the whole I exercise so I am superior rubbish or really snobbism in general. I am not about to start proselytizing up in here if you want to exercise do whatever makes you happy, if you don’t do whatever makes you happy.

Anyhow I am the sort that likes variety so I am continuously trying new routines, here and there. I have gone through a program before but usually I have a kitchen sink approach. I decide how long I want to workout that day, what I want to focus on, what style I am in the mood for and I find something that fits. I need to get my starting measurements here soon as well. I don’t have measurement goals really but it shows progress even if the scale doesn’t change.