Hair Cut

Well I did it, I got my hair cut! Maybe an inch or so past my shoulders? I might show you pictures later but right now I’m mad at my face. The hairdresser kept trying to pin my hair up but it weighs too much for the clips which is partly why I wanted to cut it because the weight of it had gotten very inconvenient/difficult. I just couldn’t manage that much hair on my own and the wear was really showing. It feels a lot better now. She did notice it is thinner on the left side because of the breakage hopefully that will heal and more importantly stop happening! I wonder if the weight was somehow contributing? I wonder if I’ve lost weight! (kidding)

Isadora thinks it has already grown since I was at the salon I am pretty sure that is impossible but if I wake up looking like I did before the haircut I will let you know :-P. Isadora was so good at salon she sat still and didn’t talk for an entire hour! I bought her a new pair of boots (she got gym shoes yesterday) and took her out to lunch. I also found the 2nd hand shop has very nice jeans for kids and adults (not just skinny!!!) for a good price they really don’t have many tops for kids (and all their shoes are from the 50s) but that will save me on pants and in the summer shorts. I think I will buy all her shorts there next year because she only gets to wear shorts for like 1 maybe 2 months so it just isn’t worth buying the overpriced ones in the mall. Plus she’s a kid it is her job to play and get dirty! I think I have replenished her wardrobe pretty well except the heavy duty winter gear. I still need to get her Michelin man suit and some long johns/thick tights.