Chair Pose

I think I can get slightly more of the yoga mat in a frame if I sit the laptop outside of the room. The consequence is glaring sunlight “sigh”. This is chair pose which I typically hold for 30 seconds. I used to be unable to get my arms up by ears (I held them strait ahead) which shows that the posture work has helped. I still have lower than average shoulder mobility but this for me is a big achievement. I was quite down on myself today though, not feeling my yoga at all this morning. It happens sometimes but I did get through it.


Missing in Action

First off the workout! There is no verbal instruction in this video which is a little bothersome but I believe on their site you can find videos with voice overs. The beginning is pretty ab intense. I didn’t have a magic circle so I used, a block, strap, kettlebell, Pilate’s Ball to make substitutions that I felt were appropriate and as close to the exercise as I could replicate. I love rollups btw! Is it just me or is this woman one of the most beautiful women in the world? I mean seriously!

Now for the scary bit. I took some before photos which I am too self-conscious to post at the moment haha I will post this image of my back which I have been working on very dutifully with the hopes of improving my posture (some success here) and gaining some muscle (fail despite gaining strength). The weird thing about this photo is aside from the fact that I have no muscle on my back at all is that I don’t have scapulae either??? I don’t have fat covering them so where the hell did they go? Anyhow here is my no back back. As you know my back is one of my least favorite body parts and often stops me from going swimming so I am being very brave here. Forgive my hair lol


Getting Taller!

Today was my recovery day so nothing particularly interesting. I have a hard time taking recovery days even though I seriously needed this one. I am impatient I want my results NOW but I know that a moderate approach is going to keep me healthy/sane.

On a good note. I have gained ½ inch in height! Notice I didn’t say I grew because I am too old to be getting taller. As you know I have Kyphosis and I have been doggedly working on my posture even when I wasn’t exercising I was still working on posture. My shoulders used to be completely rounded forward and even lying on my back I was unable to open or relax them but now I can!!! I still have too much curve in the upper back but it has visually diminished and I can stand straighter and more naturally hence the increase in height (I measured at night as we are all taller in the morning). I do not know if I will ever be totally rid of this hump but the fact that at 35 I am reducing it pleases me immensely. If I can restore my posture it should reduce the pinched nerves which in turn should improve the circulation which may allow for a little muscle growth! I wonder how tall I would be with a normal spine? I will have to do posture exercises for life because I am a writer and hunkered in front of a screen for extended periods but the pain reduction alone has made them well worth it (in the beginning the exercises were painful because my posture was so horrendous but it has definitely gotten better with practice).