Fitness Goals

The other day I listed some of weight-loss and measurement goals so today I wanted to list my fitness/health goals which I feel are more important and will keep me motivated for years to come. From past experience I have learned that weight-loss only goals can lead to some pretty unhealthy practices. Either you hit your goal weight and then revert back to your pre-diet habits or you go to the other extreme pushing harder and harder in order to see “progress” via continued shrinkage. Neither is an ideal scenario and neither promotes health/self-acceptance. Since I am already at a healthy weight (vanity aside) my main focus is fitness.

  1. Run 5 km (I have never actually tried to run 5 km so who knows it might be possible now. I have never been interested in running but I just think this would be a good test of my cardio health. I will, however, be waiting until it warms up to test this out!
  2. Improve my core flexibility. I have been working at this a while now with twists, backbends, sidebends etc.
  3. Improve the joint stability around my knees. I have been doing quite a lot of leg work as of late (wall squats, lunge pulses, lunge holds etc.) and my legs are looking better for it. I am also working on my ankle and hip flexibility, as well as the strength in my outer thighs which are significantly weaker than my inner thighs. My goal is to improve my lunge and decrease the frequency of knee pain.
  4. Continue my posture work and strengthen my back. My abs have always been significantly stronger than my back so I want to achieve a better balance.
  5. Improve my wrist strength. This sounds weird but I have trouble with hyper-extending my wrists. At my cleaning job I carry an industrial vacuum around and the damn thing weighs 40 lbs easily and carrying it has resulted in reoccurring wrist pain.
  6. To do more pushups in full form than on my knees. At the moment I can’t do that many full pushups, the actual number varies daily (my wrist has been creating issues for me). To some day manage a spider pushup! I am actually pretty good at 1 legged pushups bizarrely.
  7. To cook all the recipes in a cookbook. I admit I saw a movie with this theme at some point years ago but if I was more confident in my cooking maybe it wouldn’t be such a chore. I am not sure this will ever happen but I put it on here anyways.
  8. Do a wall handstand. Actually in yoga classes I have done this successfully but that was with the emotional support of a teacher. When I am alone I am just too damn scared. My fear of heights is really out of control!

I will stop here because my mind just of blanked and anyhow there is plenty to work on already!