Working Out at Home

Originally I meant to take photos of all my fitness gear but unfortunately my camera started making some very strange sounds (like a cassette player eating a tape) and so not all of the photos came out. Anyways I gave up working out at the gym several years ago. Like many people I was worried that I needed the gym in order to get in shape but that turned out not to be the case. I can get in just as good shape in or out of the gym. For those of you using the gym stay away from the exercise machines (weights and cardio) in favor of free weights, kettle bells, medicine balls, ropes, sleighs, plyo boxes, tires etc.

So what do I have at home? (I have been collecting for more than 10 years this shit gets expensive)

For yoga and Pilates I have

3 mats (yes 3 because my joints just really need the extra cushion)

2 blocks

1 strap

1 bolster (Sam made the cover of my bolster out of fabric he bought from Tibet for a Christmas present one year)

1 Pilates ball

1 Bosu Ball (it needs some inflation)

3 Pilates bands

1 super simple kitchen timer (so not the fancy HIIT timers)


For HIIT weight training etc.

I have 2 exercise bands because those are easy to travel with

1 weighted jump rope

1 common wooden step stool (I don’t have a plyo box and spending that much money on a wooden box is beyond me, Sam plans to make one in the future)

2 kettles bells (1 8kg, 1 4 kg)

1 Medicine Ball (3 kg)

1 Wall Ball (7 kg, got it for my birthday!)

1 sandbag (10 kg)

1 Barbell (I am using the plate weights from another set on it though)

2 Large Dumbbells with plates

1 small Dumbbell with metal plates (I am not sure the max weight but I wish I had two of these because the smaller size is much easier for me to use)

2 basic 2kg Dumbbells


And lastly an Equalizer which I bought myself with my first paycheck


I can’t tell you how tired people are when they ask me what I want for X-mas/Birthdays and I say fitness equipment or gift cards to fitness stores lol Not all of my birthday gifts have arrived in the mail yet so maybe I will be able to add to this list. I still have some items on my wish list for the future and I would like to get confident enough to workout outside. If I could work outside I would like to get ropes and a tire. As for a sleigh I have been known to drag my husband around the floor (he is about 80 kg) lol I also use the stairs I have at home, chairs, brooms, towels because honestly a lot of household items will do beautifully. In my little village there isn’t a gym and the park has very limited equipment and the kids kind of have priority there. I sometimes run outside but other than that I mostly work out indoors. At the moment we are overrun with moose and deer, no fucks do they give about hanging out in the middle of the road or in people’s yard. We have them in our yard as well and let me tell you moose are scary big! What household items do you use and how?


Work Out Summaries

I have a lot to talk about but as is usually the case I don’t want to talk about any of it. I have spoken to both my husband and therapist about these issues so I am not totally bottled up.

I said before I would do weekly summaries of my workouts which I did not do at all and may not do again in the future. I have been working out everyday!

February 22nd-28th 2016

Monday- P90X X-Stretch

Tuesday- P90X Core Synergistics

Wednesday- Insanity Asylum Championship (Hard!)

Thursday- 30 minute Pilates workout from The Pilates Book by Brooke Silar

Friday- Day #16 Real Time 30 Day Challenge + Full Body Weighted Burnout

(can be found on Youtube)

Saturday- 30 minute Pilates workout from The Pilates Book by Brooke Silar

Sunday- P90X2 Pap Lower

February 29th-March 6th 2016

Monday- Ashtanga 1 Hour Intro Class- Yoga with Lesley Fightmaster

(can be found on Youtube)

Tuesday- Pilates Workout 30 minutes Full Body Sculpting Exercise Video for All

(can be found on Youtube, uses bands)

Wednesday- Insanity Asylum X-Trainer (Hard!)

Thursday- Blogilates

Booty Brigade! Best at-home butt workout!

Victoria Secret Angel Arm Slimming Workout

Abs on Fire!

(all video available on Youtube)

Friday- Insanity Asylum Cardio Power Resistance

Saturday- Blogilates

1000 Abs Challenge (that’s right I did 1000 ab exercises!)

Back on Fire

(videos available on Youtube)

Sunday- Insanity Deluxe Pure Cardio

March 7th-March 13th 2016

Monday- 1 Hour Weight Loss Yoga Workout for Beginners. Full Body Yoga Class At Home PsycheTruth

(available on Youtube)

Tuesday- Insanity Asylum Core, Cardio, and Balance

Wednesday- Insanity Asylum Vertical Plyo (yikes!)

Thursday- Method Yoga Professional Training Series Pilates Core 2

(available on Youtube)

Friday- Day#17- Real Time 30 Day Challenge + Lean Muscle Weighted Workout

(available on Youtube)

Saturday- Basic Training Circus Strength Class Methodyoga (My arms! I had some issues with the sound on this one sometimes the music was very loud, sometimes there was no sound at all)

(available on Youtube)

Sunday- Insanity Asylum Max Interval Sports Training (I like track and field training it seems weird because I don’t like running haha)

I have listed the full titles so if you are interested you should be able to find them on Youtube easily. If you can’t and want a specific link let me know. I own the P90X series and the Insanity Series and to my knowledge they are not available on Youtube.