Cold, Spring Fever, and Haircuts

Head Cocked

I have a cold. I am not the only one though both Sam and Isadora have colds as well. The last few days I have been sticking to yoga-type workouts. I have also been taking naps! Usually I don’t nap because it ruins my sleep. I have been sleeping heavily both during my naps and at night and I am still feeling exhausted! The cold part of the cold hasn’t been so bad actually very minimal congestion and runnage. It is mostly extreme fatigue, fever (very persistent), and body pain. For me the body pain is in the hips down to the knees and the thoracic spine. For Sam it seems to be all over particularly in the neck. His cold started with a migraine. Isadora’s also started with a headache. She doesn’t seem to have body pain though and has more congestion/leakage (not much fever either). I have had tension in my head but nothing I would call a headache. I am also ravenously hungry, for some reason whenever I get sick my body wants to gorge.

If spring fever is what I think it might be then I also have that (I have had it for several weeks now). I am so restless. I am itching for warm, sunny days. I am not really enjoying my usual hobbies or maybe it is more accurate to say that I can’t focus on them long enough to enjoy them. I have been reading A LOT because of the commute to work and the long wait for the bus. My eyes are exhausted as a result. That coupled with my desperation for the great outdoors has made writing very challenging. I have been meditating though, also pretty unfocused but I have managed some successful visualizations. I am working on building an internal sanctuary.

Oh and I got hair cut to shoulder length! Yes I finally got it cut. I am not sure how I felt about the actual hairdresser, there was no connection and there were some issues with communication. She also seemed uneasy about working with my hair (I am looking for someone who is confident and can offer suggestions.). I came in with a lot of hair. My hair was waist-length. Sam made the appointment for me using a phone app. The result, she was rushed on time because the standard slot was not sufficient. When I was there she answered the phone (I gathered that someone was trying to book an appointment) and she asked them with this really desperate voice while glancing over at me “Do you have super long, extremely thick hair?” I feel pretty bad about it because I think if they had known about my hair previously they would have given me a longer time slot. She thinned my hair so it wouldn’t be so big but it is still big. She didn’t have time to dry it so she never got to see the finished product so to speak.

I forgot how hysterically curly my hair can be when short but I appreciate the liveliness of having curls. My head definitely feels lighter and it so much better lying down without that knot at the base of my head from the ponytail I had to wear all the time. I was wearing my hair up most of the time when it was long because otherwise it was getting in the way too much (I couldn’t exercise, eat, work, or even ride on the bus because it would get caught in other people’s things). I even slept with it because my hair was reaching out and suffocating Sam during the night. I can still put it in a ponytail, it is short and chunky haha I wouldn’t say there is a lot of style to the cut though and I was hoping for a bit of style. I am pretty happy about having went through with it though because man I needed it. I am hoping the breakage will grow out better now. Long hair can be very beautiful but I just wasn’t managing it very well. I don’t really look older or younger!



Recovered? Not totally this cold is tenacious. The flu perhaps? I am feeling a little anxious and honestly a bit lazy today. My sleep was disrupted continuously by a dream I can no longer remember and some breathing issues (cold type stuff nothing serious). I did work out though. I did Insanity Max Interval Circuit which is 1 hour. Since I still have lingering congestion in my chest and head I could go full out. For the warm up I did all but High Knees in normal form. High Knees I took the impact out but made sure to lift my knees above the waist. As for the routine itself I did lower the impact over all not with everything. Anyhow I definitely broke a sweat. I was actually good in the beginning but during the last circuit I was beat. I got through but I hope to perform better next time around in that last circuit. For some reason being sick is sapping my arm strength that was the main thing I noticed. My appetite is back. While I was sick my appetite was low so I could eat, however, I thought was reasonable. I was able to portion myself and had no cravings for sweets. Today my appetite and cravings came back which is a good thing from a health perspective but it means I will have to exercise more willpower when it comes to my sugar cravings!

Body Suit

The cold is still in session and at this point I am afraid to comment lest I offend the universe further.

I did this workout video today. No modifications were needed. I was happy to try working with the Pilates’ bands. On another note and perhaps an important one. I am afraid of body changes good, bad, or neutral. Pregnancy was very scary for me actually I spent much of it sobbing hysterically in my closet. The changes taking place now are obviously a lot more subtle than those of pregnancy and while I am very excited at the moment I know I tend to freak out and sabotage myself. I worry about being too thin, too fat, too muscular, too flabby/soft, too curvy, too ruler-like.

I chose 120 lbs as my safe weight years ago, one for my height it technically is a healthy/balanced weight and two the lack of extremes in any direction made it less fear-inducing. I am not afraid of Sam’s body. Other people’s bodies make no difference to me shape or size they are all beautiful to me and I mean that. My own body, on the other hand, seems to freak me the fuck out, like I am wearing a person suit or something. It isn’t just vanity like concern over fat thighs or something, it feels more like Metamorphosis or something, like if you were to wake up as an insect or whatever you fear the most. I just don’t really understand why I am a human, I don’t think I am a human. Irrational? Yes!


I’d like to say I have recovered but I haven’t. I am still completely congested and sneezing up a storm. Isadora went to school today, she got sick perhaps a day before me but yesterday she was doing better than I am doing right now. I am so tired of being sick. I am in the angry, unreasonable stage now. ARRRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH

I did this workout today. Usually HIIT workouts are short because of their intensity but this one is very long and thus very challenging to one’s endurance. I always find myself cussing by the end of it. Because of this damn cold and my inability to breathe sufficiently I modified quite a lot and have actually written out the modified workout.

Group 1

March (instead of jump rope)

3 Point Abs (no modification but done at a slower pace)

Modified Burpees (stepping no jumping)

Modified Burpees with Row


Med Ball Pushups on Knees

Modified Burpees

Tricep Dips


Group 2

No Impact Jumping Jack

Forward/Backward Lunge with Pilates Ball Overhead

Squats (took out the jump)

Clean and Press/Squat and Press

No Impact Jumping Jack

Knee Pushup/Plank Knee to Outside Elbow


Mountain Climbers/Switch Kicks (took out jumping done slowly)


Group 3

Front Kicks (for high knees)

Modified Burpees/Knee Pushup/Front Kicks


Downward Dog Leg Raise and Knee Tuck

Front Kicks

Squat with Side Kick (sandbag)




Group 4


Lunge with Front Kick (instead of Switch Lunges)

Slow Mountain Climbers making sure the knee comes up to the elbow every time

Chest Press in Bridge with Dumbbells

Side Step

Kettlebell Swings

Mat Jumps (slowly and I kicked myself in the butt each time whereas she only hopped from side to side)

Stepups with Sandbag 1 leg at a time (in the 2nd round I switched legs)

After this she proceeded to the ab burnout. By now I was pretty tired and convinced that several days had already passed.

Suitcase Crunch (done normally)

Side Plank on Knee with Knee Raise (no weight)

Chuck and Tuck (done normally with med ball I really love this one though perhaps not as much today)

Russian Twists (done with feet on floor today/weight used)

Touch Toe Abs (no weight)

V Abs


C-Sit (done with feet on the floor today/weight used)

Modified Plank (I actually did this on my knees with no punch today by now I was fatigued to stupidity)

Tuck Abs with Lift (weight)

Dive Bombers (I just went from Downward Dog to Upward Dog no sliding under imaginary fences)


Back Lift