30 HIIT Routines

I have been working on a project which is extremely time-consuming. When I changed my workout schedule I quickly realized how difficult it was to find workouts that focused on the back. So I designed 6 workouts for myself. A lot of research was involved. Anyhow then it came to my attention that my favorite free online HIIT trainer seems to be gradually moving toward a paid site. Unfortunately I can’t afford to purchase the workouts. She has a 30-Day program that I absolutely love but there is a good chance that the program will eventually be removed from Youtube and moved to the paysite. Anyhow the 30-Day program doesn’t have 30 workouts. There are rest days and there are a lot repeats at the end. I always found it quite sad that the end of the program just repeats the beginning. The program states that the workouts will become progressively harder and they do get harder until they start repeating. So I have decided to write 30 HIIT routines. Obviously I don’t plan to do 30 Days of strait HIIT, I only do HIIT twice a week but it’s the idea of the thing. Sam is making me an interval timer to use on my computer as well since I can’t afford a GymBoss. I realize there are interval timers free online but I know what I want specifically lol

I want the workouts to be between 30-50 minutes a piece. If I manage to write 30 routines myself then maybe I will film them. I am struggling with this concept a bit though because I don’t have proper filming equipment so the quality won’t be great. I am not even sure if the microphone on my camera is sufficient. I haven’t tried shooting a video with the camera. I am petrified of talking on camera that is the main thing that has been holding me back. Anyhow before I can ever consider making a video I have to write up the routines and then I have to do them to see if they have a good flow and if they are the right difficulty level.


Workout for the Day

I thought I would share the workout I made for today. I can’t quite remember the precise order I don’t have my sheet in front of me. I did it twice through and it took about 40 minutes or so.

  1. Low Lunge Hold (20-50 seconds per side)
  2. Wall Squat Hold (20-50 seconds per side)
  3. Bulgarian Lunge
  4. 1-Leg Deadlift
  5. Plie Squat
  6. Side Lunge with Knee Raise
  7. Stairs (I walked up and down the stairs with my sandbag 8 times per round)
  8. Donkey Kicks (knees off the floor)
  9. Pull Through (I used a band wrapped around a solid base because I don’t have gym access.) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A32WSOB-6Gw
  10. 3 Position Calf Raise (First slow then fast. Feet Parallel. Toes In. Toes Out.)
  11. Inner Thigh Lift (You can do it elevated for a greater challenge I didn’t do that today though)
  12. Back Lunge with Kick
  13. Weighted Step Ups
  14. 1-Legged Squat (I use a chair)
  15. London Bridge (You can see that here as well as the Lunge with Kick I did and the advanced inner thigh lift I believe. Instead of a challenger you can use a chair as well.)https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D3gwBoYPULw

First workout after my recovery week

Today I had a HIIT workout (coming off my recovery week). So how did it go? I felt I was a bit slower particularly to start. The first jump I did was a total omg what the hell is my body doing moment. The jumps proceeding that one I actually felt I achieved a bit more height than normal. There is also an exercise where I have to use the equalizer to lift my whole body off the floor. Today was actually the first day I succeeded and I managed the whole way through. Pushups were hard because one of my elbows locked up and kept popping. In the burn out section I did quite well I definitely feel my outer hip strengthening exercises are working.

Ab Day

Today was Ab Day! Sam is sick with a bad cold and a fever. I am feeling a little under the weather myself probably trying to fight off his germs. I got to test out my Equalizer in a new move which appears at around 49 minutes. That was tricky and I think I am dipping too much, not sure if it is my proportions or if it is a strength issue. I have short arms and a long body and I found it awkward. Also ankles and feet are bony and I don’t wear shoes so it was a bit uncomfortable propping my feet up. Ab pikes confuse me as you will see there in the beginning. Some exercises on the other hand I was pleased with my performance.


Workout Video

Today I decided to film my workout. I wanted to do it for myself to check in on my form and speed. It was very informative and I recommend it to anyone looking to improve their workouts. I learned that I am not keeping my knees 90/90 when I lunge (yikes I need to work on that one). I learned that sometimes I am leaning too far forward in squats. I learned that my butt is higher up in that plank then I thought it was haha. I also learned that I make some really bizarre faces when I exercise! I was completely perplexed by those squat jumps, sometimes I get them, sometimes I don’t. I have a hard time with high impact jumping, those tuck jumps what?! In the beginning I do a long jump I am jumping from one end of the yoga mat to the other. I can’t jump further or I would hit the wall.

If you wonder why I use the sandbag it’s because it prevents me from hyper-extending my wrists, also I have short arms and some things are quite awkward with short arms and a long torso. If you wonder why I am not using a jump rope its not because I don’t own one, I do own one that I love, it is just my ceilings are too low to use it indoors.

I am trying to find a good place for the webcam so I can get a full view but the room is small and I am not sure I can get the whole yoga mat into the frame. You can’t see me doing some moves, like tricep extensions. My small purple weights are not heavy enough it’s just that I don’t have time to change the weight on the bar and the larger black hand held weights are just so awkwardly big that they don’t allow me to bicep curl! Also I am still am having issues holding my breath with the camera being on so my breathing was pretty weird.

Today I thought I would do a simple review of a handful of fitness personalities (which got obscenely long). Most of these guys have a channel on Youtube so if you are in need of a little inspiration for your workouts I will include links! Before I begin I would like to say that I do not have personal contact with any of these people and I am not interested in gossip or drama. I may expand this list later.

Fitness Blender



Large selection of free workouts (different lengths, different types)

Sound nutritional advice

Their workouts often include a warm up and a cool down. They provide links for workouts that do not include warm ups/cool downs.

Easy to follow instruction/demonstrations included

Good pace

Professionally polished workouts, very well-organized and executed

Daniel and Kelli both seem like genuine people and they make an adorable couple!

Supportive/positive/no body shaming

The 1000 calorie workouts are awesome!

Modifications for beginners and tips for advancement


I really don’t have any cons. They seem to favor a Tabata-style workout (20 seconds on, 10 seconds rest and repeat) and for me that can get a little too repetitive. I prefer a 30-40 second interval and a huge variety of exercise.

Dulcinea Hellings


It has been many years now since I worked out with Dulcinea. But Dulcinea was the first youtuber I ever worked out with so I felt it important to include her. Her channel doesn’t seem to be getting a lot of traffic these days but she still updates it.


What appealed to me about Dulcinea when I first started training with her was that she has a feminine physique. Seeing someone who looked like me working out was very motivating/inspiring.

She has a variety of workouts available on her channel for free.

Most of her workouts are b/w 40-50 minutes which is the perfect length for me.

She includes a warm up/cool down in all of her workouts (at least all the ones I have seen)

She seems to be having a ridiculously good time (at least in her early workouts). Working out with her was like playing and it taught me to laugh at myself when I messed up. She also taught me that exercise can and should be fun.

Modifications are offered for beginners.


Some people might find it a con that she gets winded, slows down, or needs to take breaks. I just take it as her being a real person.



Tony Horton is in ridiculously good shape for a man in his 50s (for a man in general). This shit works.

Upbeat and positive vibe. Tony is very animated.

Tips for modifying and advancing exercises (exercises can be quite hard)

Warm ups and cool downs included in every workout

Variety of workouts and innovative exercises

Well-organized and professional

Comes with a nutritional guide (very detailed, sensible, includes recipes, and good calorie recommendations)

Comes with a fitness guide

Comes with worksheets to record your progress and a workout calender if you need help planning. If you are looking for the full package this is definitely the way to go.

He really emphasizes the importance of stretching.

He incorporates a lot of different styles of exercise


Both P90X and P90X2 have very long workouts sometimes as much as 80 minutes. So if you are pushed for time this could be an issue. P90X3 offers 30 minute workouts for those with time constraints.

A lot of equipment is required. You are going to need to buy weights, bands, or improvise with weighted household objects. I only have 1 medicine ball but at times they use 3! Tony uses the pull up bar a lot. In some workouts he uses the pull up bar so much I feel that I have more or less modified the entire workout! Even if I owned a pull up bar I could not do so many pull ups.

Other equipment includes (Pilates Ball, Foam Roller, Step, Yoga Blocks, Power Stands)

Expense (an excellent all inclusive plan but it will cost you)

Bodyrock/Lisa Marie

(I do most of my Bodyrock Workouts with Lisa Marie so this review focuses on her)

Bodyrock’s Channel


Lisa Marie’s Channel



I love the way she organizes her workouts. You are never left standing around like a moron trying to figure out what comes next.

Intervals are b/w 30-50 seconds (50 seconds is challenging!)

Long and short HIIT workouts are available

The workouts are fun and innovative

Her workouts are rarely repetitive, I love the variety

I find her to be very motivating

She offers 30 day challenges and the workouts get progressively harder as you go along

Tips for modifying and advancing

Lots of free workouts to be found on Youtube both on Bodyrock’s main channel and her personal channel


Requires quite a bit equipment: weights, kettlebells, weighted balls, sandbags, challenger, weighted vest, step, Bosu, jump rope (though she frequently offers alternatives for those who do not have equipment). I don’t own a challenger at present. I get around it using a step stool or modifying the exercise with a floor exercise. I also don’t own a weighted vest. I asked for a sandbag for my birthday several years ago and I have to say it is one of my favorite pieces of equipment. It is so much easier on the shoulders than a weighted bar and I don’t have to worry about dropping it on the floor. It is very versatile and has vastly improved my workouts.

Their website is incomprehensible to me. I almost never look at it for that reason.

They do offer nutritional advice but I haven’t looked into it thoroughly. Some of the recipes I have seen do look pretty tasty! I surmise that they follow a Paleo diet and I personally don’t like low carb diets but that is something for you to decide. Generally when I look at these types of diets they seem to be a little low on calories so be careful about that. Make sure you calculate your caloric needs first and keep it sensible people.

Does not offer warm ups or cool downs those are separate. Burnouts are also sometimes separate. They are probably located on that mysterious website somewhere.

Bodyrock Sean Light

I have sampled some of the other Bodyrock instructors workouts and Sean’s routines were the only ones I really just did not like. I do not mean any offense in writing this, this is just my opinion.


The high level of repetition increases the possibility of failure so if you are looking to burn out on a move this method might just suit you.


Appears unorganized as if the workouts are spur of the moment. It is absolutely necessary to print off the workouts ahead of time because he does not demo them in advance. Since I can’t navigate their website I am unable to print off the workouts. Perhaps you need to be a member?

Workouts are very repetitive. He typically does 3 rounds of very similar exercises. Push ups seem to be his go to move. I get bored easily so this style of training doesn’t work for me.

He seems disinterested and distracted during the workouts.

Some exercises have too many parts to them making them slow going and cumbersome. When you have a 30 second interval and a complicated move it just doesn’t work.

He does a lot of wide push ups so watch out for that because these are bad for your shoulders.




Mostly Pilates which could also be a con if you don’t like Pilates but if you are specifically looking for a Pilate’s workout then it is a pro.

Very innovative exercises. I am constantly astounded by Cassey’s creativity. I never knew there was so many ways to work well anything haha

Cassey is very cheerful, positive, and cute (but she could still probably kick your ass). Our personalities are very different and so sometimes I find that her innocence and positivity lifts my spirits and sometimes if I am feeling particularly aggressive I get annoyed.

She gives sincerely good advice and promotes self-acceptance.

Workouts tend to be very short so if you don’t have a lot of time it works out. If like me, you like a longer workout, however, you are probably going to have to do several workouts in a row.

You will feel the burn!!!

She also offers recipes and some of them are pretty damn tasty. Bonus they are easy to make.

She gets those hard to reach and unknown muscles.

Requires very little equipment and when equipment is involved it is often common household items. She really makes a point that you can workout without owning a home gym.

Her workouts often include music which I know is a big plus for some people. I don’t listen to pop music myself though so I pretty much tune out the music.

No one gets my abs burning like Cassey.


She does the same exercise for a very long time, like the length of an entire song. This can get to be too much at times. She never seems to be hurting but man I am on FIRE. I probably cuss at the screen more during her workouts than any other.

While her meals are very healthy and balanced they are also very low in calories so if you want to eat like Cassey make sure you are getting enough calories.

The workouts are shorter than you think. She talks quite a bit. I don’t mind her talking while we workout because it distracts a little from the pain but the intro talks are long enough that they warrant a separate video. Don’t get me wrong she does have some meaningful heart to heart talks with her viewers but when I click on a workout video I prefer to get started right away.

Insanity and Insanity Asylum


You will burn calories!

The workouts are challenging, hell even the warmups are challenging.

Workouts run b/w 30-60 minutes

Emphasizes the importance of the warm up and cool down and provides them in every workout

Like P90X it is a complete package so it comes with a fitness and nutrition guide. A workout guide and worksheets. It can also very effectively be combined with P90X.

Shaun T comes off as very sincere to me and I like his personality.

Offers lots sensible advice and encouragement.

It’s fun and packed with good exercises! Lots of people borrow from Insanity because it is that good.


It’s not free but again if you are looking for a good package this really is a good package.

It requires some equipment. Weights/bands/jump rope/Agility Ladder. I can’t believe how expensive an Agility Ladder is it boogles my mind so I doubt I will ever own this particular piece of equipment.

It is high impact so be prepared with low impact alternatives if you have bad joints.

If you are new to exercise or out of shape I recommend you start with something else because this is very intense. If you are in good shape this could be exactly what you are looking for.

Zuzuka Light



Workouts are available for all levels

She is very good about offering modifications for beginners as well as including tips for advancement.

She is insanely fit. I mean what?!

I like her personality she is gentle and soft-spoken but for some reason I still feel compelled to do what she says.

She encourages you to challenge yourself. Many of her workouts are time challenges. Basically you get 15 minutes and 5 exercises and you have to go through those exercises as many times as you can. The first round she demos the exercises carefully. The first round is performed more slowly which allows you time to get the move, subsequent rounds are faster. Even though I am supposed to be competing with myself I still want to do as many rounds as she does so I sometimes have to pause the workout. I am the world’s slowest person at push ups but other exercises I can keep pace with her.

I am always surprised by how much I sweat when I do these time challenges because it seems pretty strait-forward at a glance.

If you are looking for a quick and intense workout this is a good choice.


If you are looking for a longer workout you are going to have to do more than one workout

The workouts can be repetitive but the exercises themselves are pretty damn clever.

She doesn’t really offer warm ups and cool downs in the workout itself though I believe she provides links.

Again her diet seems to Paleo and I am little unsure about the calorie content so take care. Some of the recipes do look tasty.

Here is my video for the day as well. I find doing a plank on a med ball or using a sturdy kettlebell gets the stabilizers more involved. Do not substitute with a basketball. Whatever you use it must be solid enough to support your weight. Do this for 30 seconds to 1 minute. My hair looks god awful. It is so dry it has just broken to bits. I am using heavy coconut oil but it just seems to vanish after application. Also I have Kyphosis so sorry my back isn’t perfect.




I did this workout today and I just wanted to share it. It’s an isomentic workout which means a lot of static holds. Challenging and different. I do yoga so holding poses is not exactly new to me but going from a lunge hold to a lunge gives you a good burn. Speaking of lunges those were the worst!!! While I have no problem holding the various warrior poses I find it very hard to drop the back leg and hold it a few inches from the floor for an extended period of time (50 secs as in the case of the video). I have weak muscles around the knee. I call those muscles bike muscles. My husband rode a bike all through childhood and adolescence and he has thighs like a cyclist. I never rode a bike and because of knee injuries and knee problems the muscles surrounding my knee joint are weak (I had a serious knee injury plus a nasty infection in my left knee when I was very young and it still gives me problems). I have to be very careful the way I place my legs when I lunge otherwise my knee cap can slip. The other holds I found a lot more manageable. The plie hold was the easiest one for me. If you try this workout let me know which one was the easiest and which one was the hardest.

A Quick Share

Yesterday I did this workout. I did 20 reps of each exercise, for single leg exercises I did 20 reps per leg. After the workout I went out for a quick 1 mile jog. Today my ass is absolutely on fire, the tops of my thighs and inner thighs are also sore. This workout works and it works all those tricky to get spots that tend to gather fat for women.

Weekly Summary

Monday- Rocket Power Yoga Advanced Series by methodyoga

This workout is advanced. The exercises go by so fast I suspect the instructor might be using teleportation! If you are not comfortable with Handstand or need a wall for Handstand then you really don’t have time for Handstand in this workout (there are quite a lot of them so be ready with your substitutes). I am petrified of Handstand so I subbed with alternate shoulder strengthening exercises. To me this workout felt long and the “relaxing” section at the end was filled with Plow and Shoulder Stands which I don’t find particularly relaxing. This workout is available on Youtube

Tuesday-P90X 3 Total Synergistics. A good one for coordination. I also found it is hard to balance on your toes and squat.

Wednesday- Day #18 Real Time 30 Day Challenge + Ab Shred

I attempted to do sandbag swings (well with a kettlebell) and managed to strain my back a bit on this one. If like me you just cannot coordinate the sandbag swings I’d say go with the alternatives she offers you for the cardio section. I actually herniated a disk doing a sandbag swing with an actual bag a few years ago so I moved to using a lower more controllable weight but my back still complains. As I said she gives alternatives I just chose to be stubborn. I enjoyed the workout =)

(available on Youtube)

Thursday- P90X3 Isometrix I found this workout to be a lot of fun. There are a lot of one armed planks so be warned. I was not able to do the Plank Superman I had to do it on my knees. A challenging balance routine, be prepared to hold everything for 45seconds.

Friday- Fitness Blender’s 1000 Calorie Workout at Home HIIT Cardio Total Body Strength Training + Stretch. This one is very long but I killed it. I performed everything as it was shown, hung in there for the full routine, and sweated like hell. A good calorie burn!

(available on Youtube)

Saturday- P90X 3 The Warrior (I am not really able to jump into a lunge but other than that is went well!)

Sunday- Insanity Asylum Power Legs (I had to do some sub moves with the bands aka no jumps just bands as I am not that used to them yet and they are hard to keep in place. This one had kettlebell swings which I subbed with a pulsing move, wish I hadn’t chosen a pulsing move though because right after there was a huge pulsing squat section! My legs are toast. Because of stress I was nausea the whole first half of this workout, it didn’t seem related to the workout (I was nausea in knots before I even started!)  so much as my emotional state.