Picture Dump


I am the one not wearing glasses. This is me and my cousin when I was in high school. We were having a photo shoot (a very eccentric one haha).


I am wearing my mom’s trench coat. I think my cousin has our grandmother’s clothes on. What am I looking at?


College hair dyed and cut. I am so pale, I mean it is almost supernatural and I kid you not I spent most of this summer outside! My pale skin is one reason I don’t take photos because I am essentially┬áinvisible.

Sam and Isadora

Sam with little Isadora! She is so precious!


My tattoo Sam has the same one on his arm. I chose my calf because ladies arms tend to get floppy with age lol I have huge calves it’s a genetic thing. I got them from my grandma/mom look down. Her forearms are bigger than her upper arm because she was an ice cream scooper!