Rough Day at Work

I had a rough day at work today. My job is demanding in the sense that I have a lot to do in a short time frame. The job is dirty and physically exhausting. With spring around the corner a lot of people change from winter to summer tires which means that there were a lot people in the customer service area. It is very hard to clean the customer service area, particularly the floors when it’s crowded. I also find it uncomfortable to be watched when I am cleaning. I don’t even want to think about how I smell or about my disheveled appearance. Someone at the shop had a bought of explosive green-tinted diarrhea. The bathrooms were very dirty, I am talking chiseling shit off dirty. I suppose someone attempted to clean up one of the bathrooms but what they actually did was squirt cleaner on the walls and the toilet. I am worried as to why the walls needed to be cleaned with toilet cleaner. I am also worried by the fact that they just sort of left the cleaner there like covering a surface was sufficient.

Now for reasons I cannot fathom there is a room that contains both a desk and a cot for sleeping. They have determined that the room they use for sleeping is the most suitable place for trash. That is bizarre enough but they decided to leave said to trash to liquefy. They removed the liquefied garbage but decided to leave the garbage juice on the floor. There was also a significant amount of garbage juice on the walls. So they remove the bags and decide let’s just leave this for the cleaner when she arrives. I clean once a week and I am not even assigned to clean that room (though I did clean it because my god that is nasty). How long exactly did they leave that and how could they live with it like that??? If I hadn’t cleaned it was that something they were prepared to live with indefinitely?



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