Working Out at Home

Originally I meant to take photos of all my fitness gear but unfortunately my camera started making some very strange sounds (like a cassette player eating a tape) and so not all of the photos came out. Anyways I gave up working out at the gym several years ago. Like many people I was worried that I needed the gym in order to get in shape but that turned out not to be the case. I can get in just as good shape in or out of the gym. For those of you using the gym stay away from the exercise machines (weights and cardio) in favor of free weights, kettle bells, medicine balls, ropes, sleighs, plyo boxes, tires etc.

So what do I have at home? (I have been collecting for more than 10 years this shit gets expensive)

For yoga and Pilates I have

3 mats (yes 3 because my joints just really need the extra cushion)

2 blocks

1 strap

1 bolster (Sam made the cover of my bolster out of fabric he bought from Tibet for a Christmas present one year)

1 Pilates ball

1 Bosu Ball (it needs some inflation)

3 Pilates bands

1 super simple kitchen timer (so not the fancy HIIT timers)


For HIIT weight training etc.

I have 2 exercise bands because those are easy to travel with

1 weighted jump rope

1 common wooden step stool (I don’t have a plyo box and spending that much money on a wooden box is beyond me, Sam plans to make one in the future)

2 kettles bells (1 8kg, 1 4 kg)

1 Medicine Ball (3 kg)

1 Wall Ball (7 kg, got it for my birthday!)

1 sandbag (10 kg)

1 Barbell (I am using the plate weights from another set on it though)

2 Large Dumbbells with plates

1 small Dumbbell with metal plates (I am not sure the max weight but I wish I had two of these because the smaller size is much easier for me to use)

2 basic 2kg Dumbbells


And lastly an Equalizer which I bought myself with my first paycheck


I can’t tell you how tired people are when they ask me what I want for X-mas/Birthdays and I say fitness equipment or gift cards to fitness stores lol Not all of my birthday gifts have arrived in the mail yet so maybe I will be able to add to this list. I still have some items on my wish list for the future and I would like to get confident enough to workout outside. If I could work outside I would like to get ropes and a tire. As for a sleigh I have been known to drag my husband around the floor (he is about 80 kg) lol I also use the stairs I have at home, chairs, brooms, towels because honestly a lot of household items will do beautifully. In my little village there isn’t a gym and the park has very limited equipment and the kids kind of have priority there. I sometimes run outside but other than that I mostly work out indoors. At the moment we are overrun with moose and deer, no fucks do they give about hanging out in the middle of the road or in people’s yard. We have them in our yard as well and let me tell you moose are scary big! What household items do you use and how?


6 responses

  1. I like how you organised everything. I am one of those people who simply dread the gym and don\t like it, and seeing how you made your home completely work for you is inspiring for me.
    I tend to use what I have at home, like I saw a recommendation that just instead of buying small weights, I can use 2 water bottles, and fill them accordingly. So I mostly have fun with what I have and try to get the kid included, otherwise its chaos. I am trying to do sit-ups and he just starts jumping on my stomach, so I now try to incorporate him into my excersize.

    • Some of the best exercises are body weight and can be improvised with regular household stuff. When Isadora was small it was easier to dance because then she could also dance with me (including can be easier with the tiny ones). Whenever I would do yoga she’d just throw herself on top of me (sometimes Sam also) but those workouts were fun too haha I often worked out when she was in daycare or now when she is in school. Though at 9 she doesn’t jump all over me anymore, sometimes she will watch me and I have found some kid yoga videos for her to do, so she can also exercise. It can be tricky when they are so small but it can be done. Before in the old apartment I only had the space of my yoga mat to workout on and I was always bumping into stuff. Now I have more space and its great haha

  2. Being chased by a moose could be terrific exercise 😉 I go to the gym because otherwise I wouldn’t be motivated enough at home. I do use some of the machines but also dumbbells. Don’t want to bulk up too much but just keep weight down and tone.

    • It would be but moose are actually very fast and graceful unlike me lol I found some trainers I like on youtube and that keeps me motivated (I find HIIT to be so much fun). I do yoga every morning without a video but I have done since I was 12 so it is a habit at this point. Sometimes I make up my own workouts and play music depends how I am feeling. I am surprised actually that motivation wasn’t an issue when I left the gym, I just really enjoy doing it and with the videos it is like unwrapping a gift haha Aside from my born with soccer player calves I don’t bulk but I am a woman so I don’t know how easy it is for men. But lower weight more repetitions is the usual advise I see for not bulking.

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