Photos (be afraid)

Despite all the stress and sadness in my life at the moment I have managed to keep on track with my exercise. I have every workout planned in my journal, up to the end of October. I am always adding days here and there as I stumble on workouts that look interesting. I genuinely look forward to pulling out my journal and seeing what I have planned for the day. Occasionally I have to swap workouts but it always seems to work out, I make it work because it is important. I enjoy working out and I have definitely seen improvements in my fitness. I feel that my legs are looking more toned. My abs are looking better (I didn’t say impressive, no 6 pack here). My lower abs still look funny to me but I have a fair amount of scaring in my lower abs from pregnancy. I tried taking pictures of myself but that’s not easy to do really and I actually ended up with a boob slip but don’t worry I cut that part off! You see the scars there creeping up at the bottom which is partly why I used it so you could see what I was on about. Maybe I can get some more normal shots with help later. Yes I am wearing ugly sweat pants.



As for my diet? I had gotten better about cooking there for a bit but with the house renovations underway I am back on the quick meals. When I say quick meals I don’t mean I eat fast food and frozen pizzas all the time or anything. I do eat frozen dinners but mostly vegan and vegetarian ones that are very low in sugars and high in fiber with recognizable ingredients. I tried cutting down on my portions/calories because I thought it might be the culprit in my plateau but it seemed only to make it worse. Now that I am eating more, I feel I am getting better results.

Actually this morning I broke the stalemate with my scale. It may just be a fluke but it is a fluke in the right direction. Just seeing that my scale has other numbers besides the ones it has been giving me is fabulous.

Over the weekend we bought Isadora some gym clothes for school. I was looking through her clothes the other day and noticed that her gym clothes were several sizes too small. Since I never see her wearing gym clothes and she never complained about them I hadn’t realized! I am a little nervous that she will hit a growth spurt soon and all that shopping will be for naught. She has been the same size more or less for 2 years 134 cm, 26 kg. A little taller, bigger feet, but no change weight-wise. She was tall for her age but since she has slowed down she is now in the middle of her class. I was the same though I started out really tall and then everyone caught up and somehow I ended up being relatively short when all was said and done.


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