Update Sorta Of

I haven’t been updating this blog very much lately. It’s not a shame thing I haven’t fallen off the wagon exactly. My exercise has been absolutely on point since January. I am really pleased with the system I have in place. My diet has hit some snags though. I had been consuming mostly frozen meals and I had increased my sugar intake substantially. I haven’t been gaining weight, I have simply stayed the same weight.

The last few days though hubby and I have been eating home-cooked meals and now that he is interested in cutting sugar it has been easier. It is rather difficult sitting beside him during television time, while he eats cookies, candy, and ice cream. I literally sit in a pile of sweets every night, often handing the goodies over to him. I do have willpower and I have resisted many nights of temptation but sometimes I give in (now I am not against the occasional treat if I am enjoying it, it’s just the mindless munchies I have a problem with). Basically I was letting myself go too long between my meals and getting too hungry. I’d tell myself it’s already 3 wait till dinner. I’d have a hard workout and instead of having a snack to refuel I would wait, however, long until the next meal. This method has not been working for me so thought I should change it.

I bought some protein powder so I can have-an after or during (if it’s a long/especially grueling workout)-shake. Yesterday I did an Asylum workout and I found that having the shake really improved my performance. I also have some nuts, even just a few nuts can keep me from getting to that ravenous phase. I hate cooking and so the idea of preparing many small meals is just beyond me but I think I can handle these simple snacks. Did I mention how much I don’t like cooking? I have bought some dark green leafies to just throw on top of whatever I am eating because I am too lazy to really prepare vegetables. I have also started eating parsley which is supposed to really help prevent muscle loss. In the USA whenever I ate parsley I broke out into a rash so I figured I might be allergic and thus I was a little scared to try it but it seems to be fine. I wonder if it was a reaction to some chemical they use on parsley in the USA as opposed to the actual plant? Anyway it hasn’t caused me any problems. I am also having ginger tea in the evenings with dinner which is quite nice. I am surprised how much I like it!

I am hoping these changes will help be develop more tone, that is really what I am after at the end of the day. I have always struggled to develop muscle. I get stronger and I get slimmer but I don’t achieve the level of tone I am after.


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  1. I use no added sugar at all for a couple of years now and get no cravings even when I am around all the goodies. I learned to taste coffee (which I order from Puerto Rico) with cream. I believe there is always a little bit of added sugar in many products anyways so there is no such thing as being “completely” off sugars. I eat nuts and piece of fruit at least an hour before my work out and a banana after my work out seems to hold me until dinner. Unlike you I enjoy cooking and because I live in Florida I get to enjoy my grill all year round. Keep up the hard work but be careful and maintain a good diet. You need the energy for that great mind to create!

    • You are absolutely right there is hidden sugars in many foods! I don’t drink coffee so the desire to add sugar to it has never arisen lol I also don’t add sugar to tea though sometimes honey my husband’s parents keep bees. I have gone years without eating sugar. I remember I restarted in college because I kept missing the cafeteria openings.In Sweden they have something called fika it is a pause in the day where people drink tea/coffee and have sweets and people are very insistent and dedicated to it so I find I eat more sugar in Sweden. If I don’t let myself get to the ravenous stage I should be fine. That is great about your diet Hector, sugar causes so many health problems.

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