Time for a haircut?

Last night Sam asked me to cut my hair. I’ve been growing out my hair, in part because of laziness and in part because it is quite a challenge to find a hairdresser experienced in shearing sheep j/k. But seriously my hair is intimidating its curly with a deep indestructible wave pattern, its prone to frizz, its prone to blobbing, its dry as a wire-haired dachshund and its prone to some serious shrinkage. The real reason though has very little to do with the above. I am simply embarrassed by my hair. I don’t know the first thing about hair and I don’t take good care of it. My scalp does not produce oil, at least not a sufficient amount which means it is very dry. Lately it has been so dry that it has been breaking off, bit by bit. The result the whole top layer has broken off. If that wasn’t bad enough, it is falling out. I am not sure if it is falling out or breaking off to be honest. Either way I perceive it as being thin even though others tell me its not. Anyhoo I am embarrassed. I am supposed to oil my hair, the hairdresser always tells me to add as much oil as I want. Other people 2 drops, me handfuls and those handfuls are expensive. So I sometimes use olive oil but mostly I don’t do it hence my being in this situation.

Sam claims my hair has been suffocating him in his sleep (it suffocates me too, not to mention we get trapped in it and end up jerking it out during the night). It wraps around things, it clogs drains (we own a professional grade drain snake), it makes tumbleweeds, it is like wearing a fur coat all day every day. When I exercise I can’t put it in a bun (too heavy), in a pony tail (it slaps my back so hard it leaves welts), wear it down because it sucks up all the oxygen in the room, so I am left with a very tight ponytail, braid combo which breaks and tears my hair further. I am scared that a bad cut will age me and that because of my age they will give me a frumpy cut. I am very vain because as bad as I think I look now, I am still convinced it could get worse!

That said I have had some nice short haircuts because once upon a time I had a hairdresser who could cut with the wave pattern in such a way as to make my hair lay down more calmly. This is back when I could dye my hair because it was short and it didn’t cost an arm and a leg (though it still took several tubs =(). I am trying to work up the courage. See how smooth the top of my head is, now it just sticks up with all these frizzy broken pieces.

Short Hair

usually though I just end up with a mushroom, blob thing


4 responses

  1. Hair problems sucks!
    And it will sound awful but I wish I had hair like you, I think it is gorgeous! I have straight hair all my life and any attempt to curve it, which I DESPERATELY want, ends in 30 minutes tops. Once, I used 3 tubes of hairspray and in 30 mins it was all again flat as a board!
    Mir recently had some head skin problems and the hairdresser we all use recommended a special shampoo to him, called Mycoseb. Now I have no idea if you guys have it there, but it helped him big time! If not that, she recommended he washes his hair with baby shampoo, and a big no-no, that he never mixes shampoos and conditioners or changes a shampoo brand every wash. Besides this head skin thing, he basically has what you described too, the falling out, his hair is also curvy and curly when it is long. The sleep choking I do, though 🙂 Contrary to you and my husband, my hair is so oily it is unbearable. Maximum I can go without washing, and not looking like I sticked my head in the deep frier among chicken nuggets and fries, is 2 days.

    • I used to want strait hair when I was younger. The first professional straitening I paid for held only until I reached the car I kid you not, my friend could literally see the hair kinking back up. The 2nd one they thinned it down and used a very heavy ethnic hair straightener and that held for 3 days! My wave pattern is so strong, it is worse than the curls, the curls are sometimes pulled out by the weight of my own hair but the wave man is a powerful thing. I like the wave though it has the 40s? look about it. I am glad my hair isn’t greasy but I do wish I didn’t have to coat it in oil. Izzy seems to have gotten a better deal. Gorgeous curls and it is still soft but not greasy so she doesn’t need frequent washings. Her hair so far is thinner than mine though, thinner than mine was at her age so she doesn’t have quite the same bulk. My family has bulky hair, Sam’s has thin she seems to be in the middle. My mom says my hair was never soft, like not even as a kid so it’s not like I damaged it to make it this texture it just is this texture.

  2. Nothing worse than hating your hair and not feeling good about yourself! I am a professional hairdresser of 13 years. Simple, cheap and easy try some coconut oil. Rub some in your hands till it turns to liquid, which is quick! Apply it at night mid shaft to ends and leave it on for a bit, a half hour or sleep in it. I sometime will warm a towel in the dryer and wrap my hair in it. Good luck! 🍀

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