Weekly Summary

Monday- Rocket Power Yoga Advanced Series by methodyoga

This workout is advanced. The exercises go by so fast I suspect the instructor might be using teleportation! If you are not comfortable with Handstand or need a wall for Handstand then you really don’t have time for Handstand in this workout (there are quite a lot of them so be ready with your substitutes). I am petrified of Handstand so I subbed with alternate shoulder strengthening exercises. To me this workout felt long and the “relaxing” section at the end was filled with Plow and Shoulder Stands which I don’t find particularly relaxing. This workout is available on Youtube

Tuesday-P90X 3 Total Synergistics. A good one for coordination. I also found it is hard to balance on your toes and squat.

Wednesday- Day #18 Real Time 30 Day Challenge + Ab Shred

I attempted to do sandbag swings (well with a kettlebell) and managed to strain my back a bit on this one. If like me you just cannot coordinate the sandbag swings I’d say go with the alternatives she offers you for the cardio section. I actually herniated a disk doing a sandbag swing with an actual bag a few years ago so I moved to using a lower more controllable weight but my back still complains. As I said she gives alternatives I just chose to be stubborn. I enjoyed the workout =)

(available on Youtube)

Thursday- P90X3 Isometrix I found this workout to be a lot of fun. There are a lot of one armed planks so be warned. I was not able to do the Plank Superman I had to do it on my knees. A challenging balance routine, be prepared to hold everything for 45seconds.

Friday- Fitness Blender’s 1000 Calorie Workout at Home HIIT Cardio Total Body Strength Training + Stretch. This one is very long but I killed it. I performed everything as it was shown, hung in there for the full routine, and sweated like hell. A good calorie burn!

(available on Youtube)

Saturday- P90X 3 The Warrior (I am not really able to jump into a lunge but other than that is went well!)

Sunday- Insanity Asylum Power Legs (I had to do some sub moves with the bands aka no jumps just bands as I am not that used to them yet and they are hard to keep in place. This one had kettlebell swings which I subbed with a pulsing move, wish I hadn’t chosen a pulsing move though because right after there was a huge pulsing squat section! My legs are toast. Because of stress I was nausea the whole first half of this workout, it didn’t seem related to the workout (I was nausea in knots before I even started!)  so much as my emotional state.


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