Today’s workout came from The Pilates Body by Brooke Silar. I did 30 minutes today and will do 30 minutes tomorrow as well. I recommend this book to anyone interested in learning Pilates with a limited amount of space, no access to machines, and no equipment. When I trained for my Pilate’s certification this is the book we used, it is highly regarded.

I have accepted a position in a training program and while I plan to continue my exercise routine, I will have to reserve any left over time for writing poetry. Therefore I won’t be giving daily reports anymore. I may check in to record milestones or perhaps give brief summaries over the weekend but I will be short on time and as I have such poor time management skills I am having to prioritize.


2 responses

  1. sometimes it’s exactly the most “upheavals” that cause us to do what’s really necessary – like prioritize – no matter how nasty or weird or stressed it makes us feel … but then, you might just discover that it ends up giving you some breathing space and lets you really start to figure out what makes you ultimately happy and feeling fulfilled.

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