Today I did Insanity Asylum Championship in the opening gambit Shaun T suggests we should have already completed Asylum 1 and 2 which I haven’t so I was a bit worried haha I thought the workout was a lot of fun actually. As a kid I was excluded from sports. So these workouts give me a chance to pretend I am participating and I actually have fun pretending that I am winning a race or playing a game. A game that for once doesn’t involve someone screaming at me in a discouraging way!

Why do I suck at sports?

I have poor depth perception because I don’t use my left eye properly or rather because my brain blocks the input that my left eye generates. Poor depth perception means that I can’t gauge distances and I tend to run into things and people! Games like baseball are terrifying because I can’t even see fast moving objects! So to me baseball is like having really hard invisible objects flying at my face.

I have PTSD which means my body and mind don’t communicate with each other properly and I have poor awareness of where and what my various parts are doing. Not to mention I don’t like physical contact! Exercising regularly has helped a lot but whenever I try something new and totally different I tend to be very stiff and uncoordinated. It takes me longer to get it but I have found that if I keep at it, even if it takes years, I eventually do get it.

I have ear problems which result in dizziness, sometimes vertigo, and tinnitus. While I can do a spinning jump it makes me feel very sick and disoriented. My stationary balance is actually very good but I need to learn how to spot when I am turning. I don’t know if having just the one eye is making spotting harder but I just can’t seem to do it!

I have a lot more slow twitch muscles than fast twitch muscles. I am an endurance kind of gal give me something and let me do it at my own pace and I can go quite a long time but don’t expect me to impress you with my speed or fast reflexes!

Still I liked this workout. The volleyball and speed skater sections were particularly fun. I might not be a strong vertical jumper but my lateral jumps are quite good because I have a lot of inner thigh muscle (I can max out the machine in the gym). The gymnastic section was tough! I couldn’t do that much high impact jumping so I had to substitute with lower impact versions. I did, however, do some tuck jumps and I felt they went well.

I had my mammogram today which was not as bad as I feared. Honestly, it didn’t even hurt, it was just awkward and weird. After the mammogram I had an ultrasound, heavy on the jelly. My breasts are healthy! After the exam I was offered a very short sink and a towel. Washing my boobs in that tiny sink with the nurse flitting about, I just cracked up laughing it was so ridiculous. I am not even tall, why was that sink so short?!


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  1. I am so glad that your test results came back all clear! That is definitely a huge load off!

    LOL – sometimes you just have to laugh at the absurdity of the situation …. it might have been, at one time, a room that was used to treat children …. yes ….. maybe?

    • It really is though I have to redue my Pap Smear =(

      Maybe Pat, I would say you had to be there but I think you would have to be the one crouched over the tiny sink discretely trying to wash jelly from your boobs to get the full effect of the absurdity

      • Hopefully the redo is not going to be a problem …. but then, pap smears are just no fun to begin with even in contemplation …..

        as for the small sink and the discrete boob washing …. *snorting* is that even possible??? well …. absurd it is ….. I remember years and years ago I had some test or other …. and no, it wasn’t to do with boobs etc. – I can’t remember what it was for honestly, but I had to wash up at a tiny sink too – and I remember thinking …. is this a place for dwarfs – had visions of Snow White in my head the whole time …. so yeah, boob + small sink = total absurdity 😉

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