Boobs and Core

Today I did P90X Core Synergistics. I have done this workout in the past. I got P90X shortly after moving to Sweden when I was trying to shed those stubborn post pregnancy pounds. I enjoy this routine and felt it went quite well. I was able to do some of the pushups in full and that is always something, my lunges were spot on. I did have trouble with chataranga it is hard exercise but having done Power Yoga the day before I found my muscles a little extra tired. I only managed one chataranga hold in full at the end, after that I had to do the chataranga hold on my knees. I can’t do chataranga runs yet (and for the life of me I don’t remember what I subbed with right now)  but whenever I do yoga I try to hold the pose for a bit to try and build some strength. I feel a bit slimmer!

Tomorrow I go in for my mammogram. My blood work came in yesterday and it showed normal immune function, that coupled with the exam and the doctor believes the discharge from my left breast was most likely cyst related but I still have to go in just to be certain. As for my thyroid it is still exhausted.


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