Magic Tricks

Today is my recovery day and I did this workout. For those considering this video I should inform you that she uses Sanskrit. As I am mostly self-taught I don’t know all of the terms used in the video so I did have to peek at the screen to make sure I was on the right page! Also I have mostly practiced Hatha yoga and while I have done Ashtanga yoga I am not nearly as experienced. While I can jump/float back and forward I could not do so in the myriad ways she was able to. For example near the end she picks herself up in some sort of lotus balance and floats back, did not happen for me. I wasn’t really sure how to lift myself once I got up on my knees. I am probably not that strong to be honest. I can do a full lotus, I can do a lotus in a headstand but what she did I could not emulate. I am not good with twisting or binding postures because of my shoulder issues so I always took the simplest form in those exercises. As for headstand I did do it but I was on the wall and I could not counterbalance myself the way she could in the free-standing version so my pike was not at 90 degrees. I hope to get to 90 degrees but it is the first time I have ever tried it so it is something to work toward.


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