Today I did Pap Upper from P90X2. The first circuit, which we repeated 4 times, was the hardest. I am quite slow at pushups so I had to pause and to do my 10 renegade row/pushups and 6 plyo pushups (I also somehow do these in slow mo which is very surreal). I did the warmup pushups in full form but then I had to go to my knees for the circuit though the rows were done in full plank. I was very pleased with myself I was able to hold the declined forearm plank in full form for the full time every time. My weights aren’t great for the rows though they crush my hands and so I am thinking I will need something that gives me a bit more clearance. I used bands in place of pullups because I do not have a pull up bar. I liked this workout I feel it really hit me in one of my weakest and hardest to get to areas.
Now for the measurements. I am disappointed with them honestly. Sam says I look great and reminds me to focus on health goals. He doesn’t think I need to lose weight.

Height: 5’4/163 cm
Starting Weight: 59.5 kg/131lbs
Current Weight: 58 kg/127.8 lbs
Goal Weight: 54 kg/120 lbs

My hope is to lose 2 lbs/0.9 kg a month. Obviously I’d love to be a 1 lb a week girl but since I am not overweight and I have Hypothyroidism that didn’t seem realistic to me.

I am not going to list my past measurements just click here to view them.

Right and Left Arm: 27 cm/10.6 inches (my arms got bigger all those pushups maybe?)
Waist: 66.6 cm/26.2 inches (small loss)
Hips 96.5 cm/37.9 inches (quite a big loss)
Right Thigh: 54.3 cm/21.4 inches (slightly bigger)
Left Thigh: 53.8 cm/21.2 inches (same, maybe I had a tense right thigh this morning)
Right and Left Calf: 34.2 cm/13.5 inches (small loss)
Chest: 95.5 cm/37.5 inches (loss but not desired)

My computer is not working well and needs to be replaced I do not know how long it has left =(


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