Recovered? Not totally this cold is tenacious. The flu perhaps? I am feeling a little anxious and honestly a bit lazy today. My sleep was disrupted continuously by a dream I can no longer remember and some breathing issues (cold type stuff nothing serious). I did work out though. I did Insanity Max Interval Circuit which is 1 hour. Since I still have lingering congestion in my chest and head I could go full out. For the warm up I did all but High Knees in normal form. High Knees I took the impact out but made sure to lift my knees above the waist. As for the routine itself I did lower the impact over all not with everything. Anyhow I definitely broke a sweat. I was actually good in the beginning but during the last circuit I was beat. I got through but I hope to perform better next time around in that last circuit. For some reason being sick is sapping my arm strength that was the main thing I noticed. My appetite is back. While I was sick my appetite was low so I could eat, however, I thought was reasonable. I was able to portion myself and had no cravings for sweets. Today my appetite and cravings came back which is a good thing from a health perspective but it means I will have to exercise more willpower when it comes to my sugar cravings!


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