I’d like to say I have recovered but I haven’t. I am still completely congested and sneezing up a storm. Isadora went to school today, she got sick perhaps a day before me but yesterday she was doing better than I am doing right now. I am so tired of being sick. I am in the angry, unreasonable stage now. ARRRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH

I did this workout today. Usually HIIT workouts are short because of their intensity but this one is very long and thus very challenging to one’s endurance. I always find myself cussing by the end of it. Because of this damn cold and my inability to breathe sufficiently I modified quite a lot and have actually written out the modified workout.

Group 1

March (instead of jump rope)

3 Point Abs (no modification but done at a slower pace)

Modified Burpees (stepping no jumping)

Modified Burpees with Row


Med Ball Pushups on Knees

Modified Burpees

Tricep Dips


Group 2

No Impact Jumping Jack

Forward/Backward Lunge with Pilates Ball Overhead

Squats (took out the jump)

Clean and Press/Squat and Press

No Impact Jumping Jack

Knee Pushup/Plank Knee to Outside Elbow


Mountain Climbers/Switch Kicks (took out jumping done slowly)


Group 3

Front Kicks (for high knees)

Modified Burpees/Knee Pushup/Front Kicks


Downward Dog Leg Raise and Knee Tuck

Front Kicks

Squat with Side Kick (sandbag)




Group 4


Lunge with Front Kick (instead of Switch Lunges)

Slow Mountain Climbers making sure the knee comes up to the elbow every time

Chest Press in Bridge with Dumbbells

Side Step

Kettlebell Swings

Mat Jumps (slowly and I kicked myself in the butt each time whereas she only hopped from side to side)

Stepups with Sandbag 1 leg at a time (in the 2nd round I switched legs)

After this she proceeded to the ab burnout. By now I was pretty tired and convinced that several days had already passed.

Suitcase Crunch (done normally)

Side Plank on Knee with Knee Raise (no weight)

Chuck and Tuck (done normally with med ball I really love this one though perhaps not as much today)

Russian Twists (done with feet on floor today/weight used)

Touch Toe Abs (no weight)

V Abs


C-Sit (done with feet on the floor today/weight used)

Modified Plank (I actually did this on my knees with no punch today by now I was fatigued to stupidity)

Tuck Abs with Lift (weight)

Dive Bombers (I just went from Downward Dog to Upward Dog no sliding under imaginary fences)


Back Lift

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