Sneeze, Conference, Corkscrew

My cold is mostly runny nose, sneezing fits, dry eyes, and a lingering phelgmy cough at the moment (Isadora’s is in the same stage). My hope is that we will be better soon!

I had a dream last night that ended prematurely thanks to the alarm but I thought I would share with you what little scraps I could remember. The dream took place in a very large repurposed building. I am not sure if the building was a former office or a former school but it was extremely large and some of the rooms had been remade to sleeping quarters. There was a conference underway but the dream never explained the purpose of the conference, I just inferred some major shit was going down. Celestial beings from all different philosophical and religious schools had gathered in a sort of epic high counsel. Only the Celestials had no physical forms and as this conference was taking place on the Prime Material Plane they needed to borrow some meat sacks for the occasion. Some of deities loaned their bodies from volunteers in their own religious sects, like from high priests and such who were specially trained to serve as vessels, others simply possessed vessels without any consideration for their lives or well-beings (blowing through them like tissues, snatching people right off the streets). I can’t even describe to you all the races I saw, all the strange alien forms. I remember one female character named Broom or Brume perhaps who was a gorgeous blue (orange when possessed) with massive tentacles. The deity drug her up from the harbor where she’d been kept underwater locked in chains for who knows how long. Anyhow the vessels were only possessed for short periods, a few hours at a time, never a whole day. When they were free they had to stay within the building sleeping/eating recharging themselves for the next possession/meeting. Some of the weaker vessels started to fall apart, turning to ashes, that sort of thing. Some of the vessels with weaker minds went insane. Some of the vessels were able to siphon power from their respective deities and grew stronger with each possession. The stronger ones were even able to go off grounds undetected mingling and mucking about with the residents of the town. I wish I could tell you more but I woke up!

I did yoga this morning and then later this video. I didn’t feel especially focused today. I am not able to do corkscrew in a manner I am satisfied with even when healthy (it is actually my least favorite of the Pilates moves). There is something about that unnatural hand placement that throws me off right from the onset and in fact I can’t do anything with my hands facing that direction except sit. In order to move the legs my hands have to face the opposite way but I am not satisfied with that because you lose stability. I prefer the supine version just because I feel more in control and less perplexed over all. The man in this video absolutely rocks corkscrew! Also I hope you love upward dog, though it is never held for more than a few seconds it is done repeatedly in intermissions.

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    • I was just an observer really and in the dream I was trying to tell someone about the dream so I wouldn’t forget. I have a high level of dream awareness, I usually know I am sleeping and dreaming. It was interesting I wish I could have continued!

  1. now that is indeed one “whacked” dream – but so fascinating…. really …. and I can understand how frustrating and disappointing it is to have awoken …. it’s dreams like these that make you feel like there is something that needs to be deciphered, witnessed, understood … and when yanked from the state before it’s done … argh …. but who knows …. perhaps you might be invited back into this realm and scene again ….

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