Remember how I said I would stop recording my workouts because I was feeling motivated and grounded in my routines? Well I take it back. Yesterday Isadora was home sick. I was feeling a bit off but I was convinced that my immune system would take care of it. I mean I have been feeling strong and healthy and I have been eating well, hell I have even been drinking! I was fine doing my workout yesterday as you know but last night it hit me like a sledgehammer. I was up most of the night coughing, in pain, and with a high fever. This morning I have all that and a splitting, can barely see these words, headache. Oh and the chills. I did some yoga this morning because that is necessary or the pain will totally prevent rest/sleep but I don’t plan to do a workout. As I sometimes get derailed when I am sick, I want to to record my return to exercise for a few days till I am tucked in again. I don’t know when I will be able to resume, if tomorrow I will probably start with something like Pilates instead of cardio because I have so much congestion and pain in my chest. We’ll see I hope it is a short bout of sickness!


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    • I took meds before bed and I slept a lot better it didn’t reduce my fever so much but it helped with the muscle pain allowing for some much needed sleep. I am still sick and still have blurry vision hence no poem for today

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