Today I did P90X2 Chest + Shoulders + Tris and X2 Ab Ripper. I did make some changes for example I have not figured out the Chattarocker pushup and might not be ready for it considering my level with pushups (aka pathetic). I did forearm plank to full plank instead (not on my knees). As usual most pushups were on my knees except 5 which I did full. I don’t have an infinite battalion of med balls so for the 3 Med Ball Pushup I did a pushup using a med ball switching/rolling between my hands if that even makes sense! For the Dips with the med balls I just used my step stool instead. The workout was challenging from a strength perspective but I didn’t sweat much. I though the Iron Man with the Pilates Ball felt slightly weird because the Pilates Ball is wider than I am so I felt my arms were pretty far away. I am not sure if I will continue writing these blogs with my daily routines, I am feeling motivated and committed and keeping a journal with my daily workouts. I may report periodically on fitness milestones or post the occasional workout video but unless someone is using these for motivational purposes I don’t feel I need it right now. I may start again if my motivation wavers to help me remain accountable but I am pretty pumped up at the moment!

Oh also I am on a campaign to drink more water and see if that helps me obtain better results. Naturally I don’t drink much, maybe a liter a day. So I have my water bottle and a goal to get in 2 liters which is a lot for me but I think some of my issues are dehydration related. I have to tell myself to drink, to schedule it even, because for some reason the urge just doesn’t strike me often enough.

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