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Today I did this workout. I managed to squeeze it in before my doctor’s appointment. It went well and I performed most the exercises as demonstrated. I am not good at switch lunges (coordination problems) so I did not use weights while doing my switch lunges. My knee has been bothering me, I keep messing it up during the night. I adopt really weird rigid postures when I sleep, people have even caught me sleeping with my arms strait up!


The ambulance came today and took away one of my elderly neighbors. I have never met him because he has been sick since we moved in. I saw him on the stretcher and they were not interacting with him and he was rigid so I think maybe he’s died =(

I had my breast exam today. The doctor was really nice and I felt that she listened to my concerns. During the normal exam she confirmed that I do have Fibrocystic Breasts. There were several small cysts throughout my breasts and the usual changes in the tissue you see with Fibrocystic Breasts. There is nothing we can do about that, I just have to wait for Menopause! She didn’t feel anything that read tumor but I will still have to have a Mammogram to be certain (that will be scheduled later). She also tested my hormone levels, including my thyroid. I won’t know those results for a while but I did ask her to mail the results with the values and she said she would.


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  1. I’m glad that your doctor’s appointment went well in that you felt comfortable and heard – that is at the very least, a positive thing. As for the cysts … well … unfortunate for that, to be sure …. but if everything else will check out okay, then perhaps, it’s one “burden” to bear, to be sure … but hopefully it will not be too problematic too often, for you.

    As for your neighbour – well … hard to say, but if you wished him well, silently, in prayer or whatever it is you do, then that is simply all that can be done.

    Take care and hugs Yves

    • I have had cysts in my breasts since I developed breasts. I’ve never experienced so much as a day without them, without that discomfort. I don’t really know and can’t even imagine what it would be like to have a pain free boob day so I am used to it. I know to keep larger bras on hand for when they are swollen (they can gain a cup size overnight). I am rather used to it and though it is annoying at least it’s not dangerous. My mom had this same issue and she has just been overjoyed with Menopause other women seem to get side-effects but my mom’s health has really improved with Menopause! So maybe I am going to have a fabulous Menopause someday. The Provera treatment I use for Menorrhagia has changed my freaking life Pat! I am no longer trapped inside 2 weeks at a time bleeding myself into severe anemia. So over all I have seen a shift for the better. I am hoping the breast exam and the pap smear come back normal and if they do I will be ecstatic XD

      • Well I’m definitely sending you positive thoughts and energies … so that everything comes back normal – and if slowly but surely you are starting to feel so much better, then this is a HUGE deal! And given the severity of some of the health issues, in terms of the discomfort and then menorrhagia, the extremeness of it – then I can bet you are relieved and feeling stronger and healthier …. so let’s keep the good thoughts rolling strong!

      • XD LOL …. oh how I hear you …. but it’s a process and as long as we keep trying …. well, that’s the best we can ask and hope for 😉

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