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Today I did P90X2 Core. I really enjoyed this workout and it went very well. I kept up and I performed most of the exercises in their full form. I did knee pushups with the med ball instead of the plyo med ball pushups. I feel like I am getting stronger and I am seeing a difference in my performance even, dare I say it, in my appearance. I have quite a ways to go mind but I am feeling generally optimistic. I am doing really good with my sugar addiction too.

Tomorrow I go for my breast exam and that has me feeling very nervous. On another note I did not get the job. I am disappointed but at the same time I really don’t know how to sew and have honestly never used a sewing machine. A good percentage of the work is sewing and so there is really nothing else to say. I still felt I did well with the interview and that in itself is huge. I was surprised that a cleaning job involved the ability to make curtains and such. I mean who knew?


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  1. Actually, most cleaning jobs don’t involve sewing or “factory work” – and when you first explained it – I thought … “hmmm strange”; I’m not being critical here, because I have no idea how that particular work program is set up, but it sounded more like it was “sewing piece work” – which is really a form of “slave labour” and if you have no sewing skills, not even basics, and given your eyesight etc, well, not to say that you can’t learn a new skill, but I would think it would tough on you – and basically, it just sounds like you have just dodged a huge bullet. As for other prospects? Well, are there services within this system that can perhaps be more personally tailored to you – and your skill sets? I mean, you are educated – well educated – and have other skills that perhaps could be used in a fashion more suitable to your needs, while still providing you with perhaps some additional income. I’m thinking along the lines of your skills and talents with nutrition, yoga, etc. Perhaps “alternative or holistic health fields” – in some form or capacity – even if you might need to have additional training etc. I mean, whatever the the economic status and unemployment rate is where you are (and I have no idea) – you would at least hope or think that instead of trying to herd people like cattle into fields where they have ultimately little job satisfaction etc. that perhaps there would be more emphasis on trying to find better “fits.” *sigh* – If it’s any comfort … the system more or less operates in the same fashion here … you know, i.e. skilled whatever, business admin. and you can’t find work? well, look – there’s a huge demand for butchers …. so off you go. damn crazy.

    Anyhow … be proud of what you have managed to get through well – the interviews and all of the process …. this is huge …. and it’s a solid foundation upon which you can now begin to build and lay the structures for a new framework – hopefully one that really suits you – because no matter what the system says – you have skills, gifts and talents that are worthy and or service and benefit to others ….

    so hugs for your courage and your triumph none the less!

    • It wasn’t a great fit but I was willing to learn to sew and give it a go just the same. The thing is it takes about a year for them to translate degrees, I know what my degree means in terms of jobs in the US but not here. The Swedish education is vastly different from the American education system and Sweden looks down on most educational systems. If I had a degree from France I would have a job right now as they admire the French system but the American system has no credit here. I have asked them to have my degree translated to see if I might be able to use it we will have to see. They are impressed by the sound of it but again they’ve got no idea what it means really. I want to work in a library or in a gym, teaching exercise combing it with Nutrition counseling or something along those lines. There don’t seem to be any library jobs available at the moment. They seem to be most interested in looking at cleaning jobs despite my other expressed interests. The system works like whatever job they find, I’ve got to take it till something better can be obtained. I think they are keeping their expectations very low in the hopes of increasing the speed of the process. There really aren’t many jobs available right now, we’ve got thousands of refugees who also need to be able to earn an income. It’s like everything is full to capacity at the moment.

      • *nodding head* …. in understanding …. of course, everything is a process … and so, it is frustrating … but if you’ve at least taken the steps to sell yourself and your talents, then try to keep the good thoughts rolling …. because clearly, you have gifts and talents …. and you would definitely be a valuable asset in working in fields that are suitable to you. 🙂

        And yup, you would also be valuable in jobs or scenarios new to you too – because you have the drive and desire …. but it’s always a real charm when things fall into place ….. so don’t give up ….

        and I guess, ultimately, like all “good democratic systems” – we “dance to the tunes of those who are banking the payroll” when unemployed …..

      • I am trying to keep an open-mind. Any job could be good to get me out socializing, learning new things, developing confidence which you can only do by embracing challenge. If it doesn’t work out it doesn’t but I know at least at the end of the day I am trying

      • You’re right – and definitely holding a very good attitude about it – and you know, it’s more than admirable – because you have strength in reserves and bounds – I know how difficult it is for you – so be proud – you are not limited by any of your “perceived” weaknesses or struggles. And so we walk, run and march on … 🙂

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