Yoga and Lunch

Today I did P90X2 Yoga! I did the push ups in full but there was a section that went very fast where I just didn’t have time to squeeze in the extra push up. I definitely felt this workout in my shoulders. There was also a pretty challenging balance sequence from Warrior 3 to Half Moon to Reverse Half Moon to Standing Knee Splits and Standing Knee Split Crunch. I say this for those of you thinking of trying, I love balance work myself but boy did my standing leg get tired after a while haha. Pigeon is one of my favorite poses just fyi.

Here is what I had for lunch. Usually I don’t take pictures of meals. One I am hungry and I’d rather eat than mess about with camera while it gets cold. Two I am not much of a cook and I am not all that keen on cooking so I keep it simple. I don’t compose gorgeous meals I usually look in the fridge and think I’ve got to finish that bulghur or the broccoli has been in the fridge the longest of the veggies and so I just toss shit together based on what needs to be eaten to avoid spoilage. The bulghur is plain just a little salt. The tuna has soy, garlic, lemon, Dijon, and just enough oil to prevent it burning. I don’t avoid carbs. DSCN2180


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