Corduroy Pants Are Awesome

My workout today was long but quite fun XD I did Burpees instead of Ninja Tuck Jumps. I did step ups instead of jumping up on a box. I did the stacked feet pushup in full form yay! I also did regular pushups for another set but it was still mostly knee pushups. I did Mountain Climbers mixed with Plank punches instead of Mountain Climbers with the roll. I did some substitutes for the Dip Station, since I don’t own a Dip Station.

Yesterday Sam and I were out and about. I bought a pair of exercise shorts which I quite like and a set of Pilates Bands. At the 2nd hand store I bought a chair for my desk, 1 pair of jeans, and 1 pair of purple corduroy pants. I love corduroy pants and they were super cheap because no one else love corduroy pants XD Sam bought some socks, t-shirts and a comfy pair of pants and we bought some pots for the herbs we are supposedly growing this year. Isadora wants to grow spinach because it is here favorite veg XD I also bought Isadora a pair of jeans. We had fun with our date time!


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