Dentists and Dizziness

I went to the Dentist today and everything went well. No cavities (so far I’ve never had one) and the Dentist said I have very good teeth. I got to choose between coming back in 18 months or 2 years, I chose 18 months just to make sure everything stays in order.

As for my workout I did Insanity Asylum Max Cardio Conditioning. The intervals are a minute long. I actually paced myself very well and everything was going great (better than usual) until I was about 30 minutes into the 48 minute workout. I had to stop to give Isadora some cuddles before she left for school (I squeezed in my workout in the morning btw) but when I restarted I just felt out of sorts. Probably five minutes in after that I felt some pressure in my ears, throbbing, dizziness, and intense nausea. I paused, took a minute of sort of walking around, side-stepping and then got back into it. I did finish but I made some substitutions for example instead of Quick Feet Front to Back, I just did Quick Feet, basically trying to avoid rapid position changes but still working hard. I carry a lot of tension in my neck and shoulders and Sam thinks I released some of the tension and the blood rushed to my head. The sensation was like having blood rush to your head so that could be what happened. It felt pretty awful for the first couple of minutes though!


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