Sore Muscles, Dates, Ugly Knees

My chest and lats are sore from yesterday! Today I did this workout and there isn’t anything really to report about it. The workout was pretty light and thankfully didn’t require that much from my upper body. Tomorrow I have a dentist appointment and the timing isn’t good with the bus. I am not sure yet when I’ll be able to get my workout in I will have to look into it tonight. Apparently February is the month for doctor’s visits “sigh”. Sam thinks I should get my hearing checked too but he will have to plan that and lure me there by deception because I hate, hate, hate people looking in/poking in my ears. I haven’t been to the ear doctor since they said I needed surgery which was in high school!

Anyhow enough of that time to talk about something else creepy, dates. Am I the only one that thinks they look like cockroaches? I like one type of date flavor-wise but their appearance is off putting. Yesterday Sam was eating a date and Isadora asked what it was and he showed her and she turned white as a sheet and started shaking. She responded that way to mushrooms when she was 4 (I love mushrooms).

Okay more pictures



262My ugly duckling knees! I look pissed off in this but I think this might actually be a too much social time face or I am really uncomfortable with the idea of taking photos face or I am thinking about something on another planet, brain off face. The one above with me and Sam was taken in our old apartment, looks to me like we were packing up for the move and having a party at the same time haha.


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