My body is flooded with stress hormones today as I knew it would be after my meetings yesterday so I am actually quite glad no cardio was involved in today’s workout!

The opening frog squat series was the hardest bit of the whole video. I don’t think there is much to report here modification wise. I did full planks. I did do my push ups on my knees though (my morning yoga workout turned out to be pretty tough on the arms today). I don’t have the same sort of band she has, my bands have handles but I tied one of them around my legs anyways and hoped for the best haha Also I got a journal now to record my workout schedules that way if I am not progressing as I’d like fitness-wise I can see what I have been up too. I can’t seem to make myself keep a food diary though. Maybe a picture diary would be easier but I might even be too lazy for that! Something to consider.

And some pictures my sister-in-law sent me some for my project with Isadora




And one of me I have the fluffy hair. Sam is the man and the woman is Sam’s mom. For some reason even Sam looks pale but he isn’t I am in reality the palest one but the lighting makes everyone look a bit ghosty.This is it for now as this will take so long to load. The pictures of Isadora are old btw she is 8 now.




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