Power Up

Today I did Rodney Yee’s Power Up Yoga. Monday is my recovery day and so I will often choose yoga for my workout. This is my first time doing this video and I would say that if you are a beginner in yoga and unfamiliar with the names of the movements that this video is not a good first choice. The first section is very fast-paced so there really isn’t time to look at the screen you have to know simply by ear what needs to be done (you also need good balance/control to do it fast). I have been doing yoga for a long time and I have done other Rodney Yee videos so I was able to follow along without the reassurance of the screen. As I did this right when I woke up I started out stepping back to plank and later moved into jumping when I felt warm and ready. I am not able to jump back into a pushup, I jump into plank and then perform my pushups. There was an exercise in this I had never tried Half Moon with Bow. On one side it went great, on the other where my knee is acting up I had a harder time but I did eventually achieve it haha I was not able to roll over in Bow onto my side, my pelvis man was like glued on the floor but it was pretty hilarious trying. With upward bow I can only go to the crown of my head as shoulder issues prevent me from safely performing that move without assistance but other than that all was well. Now I am off to have a highly stressful day!


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