Today’s workout was Plyocide from P90X2. Plyometrics plus suicide! Last night I woke up unable to straiten my leg because my knee had locked up. I eventually did get it strait (man that hurts). It doesn’t seem to matter whether I exercise or not or what sort of exercise I do during the day. It happens when I am asleep, it happens when I have a bent leg, but other than that I really can’t explain why it is happening. I tend to have more knee pain the worse my thyroid levels are so it could be related to that. I had an X-Ray in high school (this has been an issue since before I was old) but they didn’t find anything and I haven’t checked it since. With my knee being iffy I did not tuck jump I did a simple vertical hop which I can control better and doesn’t put so much force on my joints. I also did not jump off the step but stepped down and jumped once I was on the ground. My step was high though because my step was a stepstool (I used the top step because it was bigger and I didn’t want to risk missing and slipping on the smaller step). My jumping lunges are slow because I am not so good at them and it is easy to twist the knee but aside from that I think I kept up pretty well. The water breaks are short but adequate. I definitely broke a sweat and I thought the time went by quickly.

I am still not experiencing weight-loss this is the most discouraging thing about having Hypothyroidism it takes at least a month (often 2) and a lot of seaweed to even initiate slow weight-loss. I have to wait until the summer to get another thyroid test performed so I won’t know anything about it until then but I will be requesting a paper copy of my last results (they were never shown to me, I was only told that it was a little high). Still I figure I can eat well and exercise and build up good, solid healthy habits even if I can’t lose the extra pounds. Ah but it so demoralizing!


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  1. Eating healthy and exercise helps more than just losing weight, but you already know that. Have you tried wearing a knee brace at night to keep your leg straight? It may help prevent the locking of the knee. I’m going to try the gym again tomorrow after two week break. Fortunately I don’t gain much weight anymore since I gave up processed sugars but my back got a little sore gain yesterday when I rode my motorcycle. Keep up with the exercise, seems intense but much rewarding 🙂

    • It does indeed and well worth it, it may take longer but I will get there. I am not gaining at least and I knew in advance the first month would be this way because it always is. That is a great idea though they are expensive. I bought a wrist brace to sleep with and that worked wonders for me (I was sleeping with my wrist bent and pinned under my body why I just don’t know). When I sleep I assume the weirdest positions and because of dissassociative disorder I don’t notice it until well I end up injured. I sometimes feel like I have been hit by a car when I wake up in the morning I just can’t even begin to imagine what they hell I am doing in the middle of the night. That is great Hector about giving up the processed sugar! Consider me impressed. I try very hard to limit sugar in my diet as well. A motorcycle awesome! I wish you good health.

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