Missing in Action

First off the workout! There is no verbal instruction in this video which is a little bothersome but I believe on their site you can find videos with voice overs. The beginning is pretty ab intense. I didn’t have a magic circle so I used, a block, strap, kettlebell, Pilate’s Ball to make substitutions that I felt were appropriate and as close to the exercise as I could replicate. I love rollups btw! Is it just me or is this woman one of the most beautiful women in the world? I mean seriously!

Now for the scary bit. I took some before photos which I am too self-conscious to post at the moment haha I will post this image of my back which I have been working on very dutifully with the hopes of improving my posture (some success here) and gaining some muscle (fail despite gaining strength). The weird thing about this photo is aside from the fact that I have no muscle on my back at all is that I don’t have scapulae either??? I don’t have fat covering them so where the hell did they go? Anyhow here is my no back back. As you know my back is one of my least favorite body parts and often stops me from going swimming so I am being very brave here. Forgive my hair lol



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  1. I hope you won’t consider this inappropriate of me to say but… DAYUM! I don’t think you have anything at all to worry about in the back (or indeed arm and hair) department, Yves! If I only I could look that fit!

    • Thank you Tony! I have made a lot of progress and I am very happy with that. I still have some mobility issues in my shoulders so I need to improve the flexibility. I am not looking to have super flexible arms or anything just to be able to perform ordinary movements without the pinching, numbness (in the hands) and popping. Strait on you can’t see the Kyphosis anymore which is great but from the side when standing it is still visible but much less than it was before. I want to get a little muscle in the back now to help support my posture. When I was in middle school we went on a class field trip to a pool and I was heavy than and someone filmed me from behind and we watched that video on multiple occasions and everyone went on and on about how ugly that person was. It didn’t stop at middle school either because that tape came to high school and they showed it, at assembly. No one figured out it was me except friends who were nice about it and never revealed my identity but it was hard listening to people talk about my horrible deformed back day after day and to have to watch that damn video repeatedly.

      • God. People can be so cruel! I was the butt of similar criticisms too… only it was for my face. It’s difficult not to take that kind of thing to heart, isn’t it? Still, I am very pleased that you’ve made some progress. Good luck going forward, Yves! ๐Ÿ™‚

      • They can be Tony they really can. It is hard to let it go but working on this and seeing that I can improve it has been a very positive experience for me. I am excited to see the changes and well the reduction of pain is a huge bonus!

  2. sending you hugs …. because you know, the worst wounds and scars we carry through life so often are inflicted when we are young ….

    and I have to second the comment from Tony …. you are far too hard and self-critical – because you have a great body – seriously. And I know when you look in the mirror you see someone altogether different – but the truth – well it’s so far from what you really are.
    And apart from working on health to improve some very serious and limiting issues – well, you know – you are just far too demanding of yourself. But that’s okay – I still love ya. Be well and give yourself a break – at least a little one!

    • Thank you Pat (hugs back). Body Dysmorphia is an asshole. I am trying my best to focus on my health and keep that top priority and to not focus so much on the vanity goals. I have to reign myself in a lot. I might say why are you doing Pilates that doesn’t burn so many calories and then I remind myself that I need the Pilates because it helps with functional things and pain relief and that I can’t do high impact everyday or I will ruin my joints. It is a constant struggle. One of my non vanity goals is to be able to put on and take off my sport’s bra without feeling like I am ripping my shoulder out of socket when that day comes Pat a celebration is in order!

      • I completely understand …. and you’re right … you already have the answers you need – in order to work on your optimal health …. but it is hard to keep the ego in check …. still … it’s worth the “good fight” – because as you say – to be able to move without literally feeling like parts of you are being torn away – ah, that is more than worthy of a celebration …. and so, in the mean time, we can celebrate all the steps it takes to get there, yes?

  3. Dear Yves for a back yours looks remarkably like a back, if you were to push your shoulders back your scapulae would protrude just like everyone elses….I think….I did think it a very bold pose by the way, hey look at me sort of thing as I know there are many who wish they had anything like the back you have. As they say Yves, its all behind you and I applaud your efforts to improve your strength and fitness. Good luck with it all.

  4. Your back looks fantastic. I understand why you may not think so.
    I have osteoporosis and poor posture. With Yoga I improved it. But, when my yoga teacher moved to Florida, and other stuff happened, I didn’t do the exercises. I feel it when I try and stand straight (back to slouching). Started slouching to hide myself, and watch my clumsy feet. I am very impressed (and inspired) to try the yoga on my own (again). I have a broken bit in my right femur to heal, then I will get out my mat.
    Good luck!

    • A broken bit? Oh my! May you have a swift recovery. I have never broken anything before. I have to do yoga otherwise I get so tight I draw up and well the kyphosis and pinched nerves. Thank you so much! Yoga is awesome =)

      • I’ve chipped bone before, and really broke my wrist — shattered is a better term — but it healed just fine.
        Eating extra calcium to help!
        See ortho guy next week. I walked on it for 3 weeks before I knew I’d fractured a part of the femur, and kept walking on it since then. Not the kind of break that needs a cast. It’s getting better — less pain, less limp, more range of motion. Worse part — irritated the sciatic nerve when limping, and it’s still not a happy nerve!

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