I love the Real Time 30 Day Challenge but Day 10 isn’t my favorite. The instructor seems very distracted in this one and gets mixed up several times which throws me off a little bit even though I have done the challenge several times in the past. So if this is the first video you are seeing from this series please don’t judge it by this routine alone. Also be careful with sandbag swings! Don’t use too much weight if you are distracted or uncoordinated. I hurt my back a few years ago because I lost my focus on just one of the swings (I was using a 10 KG sandbag, it is easier for me to use a kettlebell so while I love my sandbag I no longer use one for this exercise). I have done the previous 9 days already. I started with those when I started working out again. Today I have an appointment to get my new glasses and a therapy session. I want to workout before therapy because it is so hard to know what kind of place I will be in emotionally after therapy (usually afterwards I need lots of cuddles, a talk, and time to veg out). The bus leaves at 9:50 am (it is an hour to the station and then a 15 minute walk to my therapist and another 15 minute walk back to the station) so I don’t have much time to get everything I need to get done done hence the preference for the shorter workout!


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