I come baring videos this time so if you want you can test them out =)

This is a pretty strait forward Pilates video so if you are familiar with Pilates I think you will recognize most of the moves, if you are not familiar I think it is a pretty good introduction. Nothing is held so long or done so repetitively that it caused any issues for me.

This video I had to do twice in order to get both sides. The plie hop squats seemed to perplex my sleepy brain even though I have done them before. A storm last night kept me from getting a good night’s sleep. It was a long night of tossing and turning and I am still pretty run down from yesterday’s workout! I am not kidding yesterday was rough!

Isadora is really inflexible. They don’t work with flexibility in her gym class, mostly just cardio and a bit of strength, they barely even stretch and sometimes skip it altogether (drives me nuts!). So I have been looking up yoga for kids and I found this on youtube. They have other adventures on the channel if you’ve got kids and are interested. Basically it is yoga and a fun story at the same time. I really hope she enjoys it, she wanted to do yoga after school.


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