Boat with Towel

So here is the video I mentioned of me doing boat with a towel. Forgive me looking like a slob, that is the reality of how I dress when I am not going out for the day lol I told you I was tired and forgive my weird nervous face tics, the sight of the camera is just that uncomfortable. Also forgive my uncanny resemblance to Quasimodo and my chubbiness and the eye bags ugghhhhhh


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    • Thank you for that Tony! I feel like we’re twins me and Quasimodo my back, one of my eyes is bigger especially on film, and the reddish hair. I love this exercise though I couldn’t find it online with the towel so

  1. wow you look so… normal πŸ™‚ You are courageous for posting a video, something I wouldn’t be able to do, ever! Funny how I couldn’t see everything you mentioned above πŸ™‚

  2. right then – you do know – you are far too hard on yourself …. I mean seriously? Okay – if you were all dolled up while exercising, I’d be less than impressed – as for not liking how you look – join probably what – 85-95% the planet! As for the actual move – kudos to you – I couldn’t possibly do something like (even if my lower back wasn’t messed up) – because honestly, my sense of balance, even resting on my butt – means I’d fall over – just a slow wobble then … THUNK. *snorting* … and I’m not going to mention the bit about keeping your legs in the air …. you must have some pretty strong abs and back muscles my dear ….

    so …. stop being so damn hard on yourself … honestly woman – you are more than enough – good enough – just as you are πŸ™‚

    CJ88 aka Pat

    • I dress pretty much like that whenever I am at home and I have no plans to leave the house, comfort is important haha Though I do like clothes sometimes, I am not the sort to get dolled up for exercise, hikes, or house chores and I don’t wear makeup ever unless someone else decides to put it on my face. Forget about heels but boots, I do love boots. I have a strong core and pretty good balance actually, good balance poor coordination. You should see me when the move has multiple steps and I am meant to be going fast, now that is a disaster. Thanks so much Pat!

      • Well it would surprise you the things women do – I’ve seen more than I care to admit – women wearing FULL make-up when going out to work with their personal trainers – because hell – as they are all wandering about exercising – and sweating up a storm – the chances are very high they will run into some of their peers, doing the same thing – and well, you know, the social elite? And all my brain would scream is: your pores! your pores! your clogging your system and drowning in your own “shit’ – meaning the natural process of elimination through sweat etc. *shaking my head* … but hey, then they wonder why they need to spend a small fortune on skin care products?

        Comfort and let’s face, it practicality – ease of movement. I too never wear heels – although I do have a fascination with them – but I too love boots …. but now, it seems my feet (poor hobbit ugly feet having borne the brunt of a life time of hell and weight) are in high retaliation … so if I can swing it – barefoot.

        My balance used to be better when I was able to work and move – naturally – but now – well, totally out of whack – and I need to do something about this.

        LOL – if ever I was totally uncoordinated – it would be trying to follow any sequence in any exercise routine – my brain automatically shuts down – and I tend to do everything backwards – so if there is a movement to the right, I automatically go left – it makes no sense at all – because I love to dance – and can dance very well – but try to get me to be “practical” in an exercise session – and my brain revolts πŸ˜‰

      • I have seen those girls at the gym, even running outside. When I am working out, I am working out and I don’t look pretty my hair is a mess, I am sweaty, and flushed, my clothes are disheveled. I worry about my feet because my grandma’s feet were blue and one of her toes just fell off and I think my god is that my future??? She had to wear heels though and being such a tall woman (not a problem I share) her feet were larger than average which made pretty shoes harder to find and that was part of it, pair that with smoking and horrible circulation and you have blue feet. I don’t smoke but my circulation is not great so I worry. Right now my feet are actually pretty cute and I am damn well going to enjoy that for the time being lol I am terrible with aerobics and at first I was really bad at HIIT but HIIT has improved my coordination, sometimes I have to simplify or risk breaking my neck but hey lol I remember my mom and I took aerobics together and everyone but us was in sync and we were just laughing hysterically and spasming wildly in the back of the class to the horror the pretty bouncy girls.

      • “pretty bouncy girls” …. that sums it up, eh! Long live the dirty unruly girls πŸ˜‰

        Your grandmother might have also have had diabetes – not diagnosed – which can have the same effects … but I hear you – I now have similar problems and I’ve pretty damn sure I have as yet to be diagnosed rheumatoid arthritis … definitely is showing up really clearly in my feet and hands (it’s mother’s side of the family thing – but all of my life I’ve been told ‘no, you’re just like your father and his family’) … and this … holy crap – it’s really frightening. I’m far too young to be affected by stuff like this – at least in my mind. 😦

      • lol I like dirty unruly girls

        It is possible though she saw the doctor regularly and they were aware of her feet and thought it best to amputate the toes but she would have none of that. It may be that because she was always thin they didn’t bother checking I am not really sure. I honestly don’t know of a single person in my family with Diabetes obese or not

        That is scary Pat sending you good vibes

      • and the best of vibes back to you πŸ˜€

        well, as long as you are on top of your own health – because honestly – for as much as genetics play a rather significant role – you never know which side of the coin is up (I’m a huge case in point) – and we all will face our own issues simply because of our own lives ….

    • I didn’t win the genetic lottery on mental health let me tell you haha Despite having many relatives who are obese Diabetes, Cancer, and Heart Disease not big in my family, well below average actually. Thyroid issues are big in my family and strokes. My god but my family members are constantly having strokes young old fit or fat it makes no difference at all. I have the circulation of an elderly woman who smokes profusely despite having never touched a cigarette in my life and doing everything in my power to improve my circulation. Poor eyesight in another issue.

      • Genetics – eh – go figure! We just never know what the soup of life and our bodies will throw at us …. so we do the best we can …. as for your line:
        I didn’t win the genetic lottery on mental health let me tell you

        *snorting* …. not at you – never – but sometimes I have to wonder about my own sanity – and clearly, the question I now pose most often, besides, am I really this fucking crazy? – is …. just how much of this was entirely a product of other people’s …. what words could possible explain – cruelty, manipulation etc.

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