Zombies are on the rise

Today’s workout was Insanity Asylum Speed and Agility (athletic training). This workout was tough! I was dripping in sweat, muscles burning, huffing and puffing. I do not have an agility ladder but I tried my best to be precise in my movements. (I suck at hopscotch apparently) I had to take breaks for water and to catch my breath but I made sure not to miss any of the workout. I don’t exercise in a studio or warehouse like they do in these types of videos so I don’t have a lot of lateral space. Instead of walking push ups, I did side to side push ups, plank jacks, and shoulder taps. Generally I love bear crawls but man oh man were my legs burning this time because of the intensity of the workout (which is high if you missed that). I even tried the power jumps! I wouldn’t say I was fast or agile but I finished it haha I hope to do it again and see if I can take less breaks each time. I am not really a strait cardio person I like to mix it up with weights and such so I tend to move between intensity levels, this was high throughout but hopefully it will help improve my recovery times.

Right now I am so excited about all the new workouts I have that I want to try everything so I probably won’t do too many repeats. Eventually I will start doing repeats so I can learn the workouts and improve my speed/performance. I have written my schedule for this week out already and plan to do so every Monday XD


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    • I wish you a swift and complete recovery! I fell out of my workout habit after my surgery, all those weeks of being forbidden and because I couldn’t my body pain went through the roof and my Depression soon kicked into high gear. I am just now getting my routine back and I am feeling much better for it. But Monday I go back to be tested again and if I find out I still have abnormal cells they will want to perform the surgery again and it has got me considering a hysterectomy though that is drastic, the constant threat of cervical cancer has been very hard on me

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