Getting Taller!

Today was my recovery day so nothing particularly interesting. I have a hard time taking recovery days even though I seriously needed this one. I am impatient I want my results NOW but I know that a moderate approach is going to keep me healthy/sane.

On a good note. I have gained ½ inch in height! Notice I didn’t say I grew because I am too old to be getting taller. As you know I have Kyphosis and I have been doggedly working on my posture even when I wasn’t exercising I was still working on posture. My shoulders used to be completely rounded forward and even lying on my back I was unable to open or relax them but now I can!!! I still have too much curve in the upper back but it has visually diminished and I can stand straighter and more naturally hence the increase in height (I measured at night as we are all taller in the morning). I do not know if I will ever be totally rid of this hump but the fact that at 35 I am reducing it pleases me immensely. If I can restore my posture it should reduce the pinched nerves which in turn should improve the circulation which may allow for a little muscle growth! I wonder how tall I would be with a normal spine? I will have to do posture exercises for life because I am a writer and hunkered in front of a screen for extended periods but the pain reduction alone has made them well worth it (in the beginning the exercises were painful because my posture was so horrendous but it has definitely gotten better with practice).


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  1. I’m glad to hear that you have regained some of the loss – and wow – that in itself is a great high! And since it has additional rewards and health bonuses, then yes, in the end, the ability to “moderately” pursue better health and posture is certainly worth the efforts.

    And I suppose I’d be somewhat snarky, although I honestly don’t mean it that way, but patience is a virtue … not that I personally have much of it myself 😉

    • Thank you for your encouragements =) Improving my posture has helped with my workouts too, I have a better range of motion and I can do more and as I do more I get stronger. So it is paying off. Patience has never been my strong suit but the universe is giving me plenty of practice with that hahaha

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