V Sculpt

I did V-Sculpt today from P90X2. I really like P90X so I had to give it a try. Now what I did is not really comparable to the workout presented. They did a gazillion pull ups. I don’t have a pull up bar installed in the new house (It destroyed my door frame in the old apartment, ripped the paint right off!) and even if I did I am not sure that I could do a pull up at this weight and level of fitness! So I had to improvise. I did downward dog push ups hands facing in, diamond push ups, military push ups, push ups alternating the med ball, clean and press, chest press, rows a variety of things instead of pull ups (the workout was full of pull ups okay). I did all the renegade stuff except I could not support my weight on my elbow on a Pilates Ball, I mean honestly I would have died haha They had some great stretches at the end for the shoulders which by then I seriously needed. I had trouble using the bands. I am sure bands work great but it takes me so long to set up and get them secure and the resistance how I need it that I feel like I am losing too much time so unless the exercise seems compelling with the bands I tend to sub with weights. Which is why I didn’t do the band substitutions for the pull ups.

If you are wondering why I am writing this here, it is just motivation for myself, to keep track until I get into the habit of exercising daily again. Though I don’t say as much I do 30 minutes of yoga in the morning with posture exercises and posture exercises before dinner as well.


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