The Horror!

Today I tried Insanity Asylum Back to Core. On a scale of one to ten in difficulty it was possibly a 13 haha. The first half was significantly harder than the last half though. It started with a million varieties of jumping jacks. I have no idea why I find jumping jacks so exhausting but I do. 1 minute of Burpees is like a rest and I am always grateful but 1 minute of jumping jacks and you’d think I’d run a marathon! So there’s that. Then I had to stay in this very low lunge (I couldn’t go as low because of knee issues, I went as low as I could while safely maintaining posture and stability) and do some flappy shit with my arms FOREVER and that was hard, the flappy stuff, not the lunge. After that though I was okay. I was surprised that I was fine with all the swimming variations we did because that is pretty intense lower back stuff and I have nothing on my back that could conceivably be mistaken for a muscle. Literally my back is flesh and bone (my shoulders also) and that is not for a lack of trying. I think it is so because I have a problem with my shoulders that generally only effects the elderly Frozen Shoulder (childhood injuries, coupled with Hypothyroidism caused it) and problems with subluxations and kyphosis. Though I do not visibly seem to be getting any muscles in those regions my posture, mobility, and strength have improved. I also have less frequent pinched nerves and when I get them they do not seem to last as long and no longer result in a total loss of motion in the arms so I am progressing in the right direction but damn if it hasn’t taken a long time. I imagine this workout would be a little easier if you have full strength and use of the shoulder.

Now on to my measurements which are a very potent reminder of my weight gain and lack of exercise. I hope in a month I will see a change but with Hypothyroidism it could be longer.

Chest: 38 inches/96.5 cm/D cup (I actually find it sad when this measurement decreases because I know it is my boobs I am losing. Hang in there girls!)

Right Arm and Left Arm (same): 10 ½ inches/26.5 cm (I expect about ½ to 1 inch loss here once I achieve my weight goal my arms have never been skinny but they aren’t flabby either so I have no opinion of them)

Hips: 39.5 inches/100 cm (This measurement shocked me! Prior to my long hiatus I was working out extensively in an attempt to build a backside, I normally have a modest one, apparently I was successful!)

Right Thigh and Left Thigh (same): 21.2 inches/53.8 cm (This one also shocked me because at this weight my legs should be larger, I think the weight from my thighs transferred to my backside. I am happy with this, I have always had big legs and so it is just a matter of toning)

Right Calf and Left Calf (same): 14 inches/35.5 cm (Yes, yes I have enormous calves I know. I can only expect about ½ inch loss here though because alas that is my genetic makeup. My calves are muscular and they bulk just from everyday life stuff so)

Waist: 26.8 inches/68 cm: (I hope to lose several inches here yikes.)

There you have it! If I go my usual route I should see inches go from the waist first (I hope!) Those monster calves are hanging on for dear life I can tell you that much they will without a doubt be the last to change.


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