Kitchen Sink

I tried a Turbofire class today, I mean video. Turbofire is high-intensity cardio. I haven’t gotten my fitness back yet, after my surgery I had trouble getting back on track. I had a surgery in August and for 6 weeks I wasn’t allowed to do more than a little walking and a bit of yoga. After that I did a little Pilates/yoga but I didn’t get back into my strength and cardio until recently. I don’t have any excuse for that, I mean I was basically hibernating! I am not familiar with this program though I have done Insanity, a few years ago! It was fast, that is the main thing I can say about it. I am not that coordinated (that is an understatement) so I did find transitions a challenge. She went from one exercise to another bam bam bam. It was like cardio on amphetamines. I can’t really see my screen anymore without glasses (which I can’t wear when flying all over the place), I mean a bit, but like not in a productive meaningful way, so I go by sound in my workouts more than anything else (maybe I should get audio book versions haha). I am like a machine during a yoga video, I don’t even have to strain at the screen if I hear the command then I understand perfectly, even if I have never done the video before. Cardio is a bit trickier if I don’t know off hand the name of the move. I have memorized the names of tons of moves but sometimes names vary a bit. So there will be a learning curve. I swear if you screamed Burpee at me in the mall I’d be on the ground instantly! In fact when I fall down, as I often do, I have even started to fall that way by instinct.

Anyhow I was moving as fast as I could, improvising when I couldn’t see or perfectly make sense of what was happening, sweating generously, and the time just vanished. Did I even do the video? It was all so fast. I am sore from a seriously brutal butt-workout previously so my body was worn out before I began. I did not need to take any pauses or anything and went hard, full-on for the 30 minutes. I would not say this is my favorite style of exercise. I like HIIT more than aerobic kickboxing or whatever this is and I like to stay with the same exercises for a bit longer (I like intervals of about 30 seconds). I also didn’t like her comment about ditching your friends if they don’t exercise? Maybe I misunderstood but I am not into the whole I exercise so I am superior rubbish or really snobbism in general. I am not about to start proselytizing up in here if you want to exercise do whatever makes you happy, if you don’t do whatever makes you happy.

Anyhow I am the sort that likes variety so I am continuously trying new routines, here and there. I have gone through a program before but usually I have a kitchen sink approach. I decide how long I want to workout that day, what I want to focus on, what style I am in the mood for and I find something that fits. I need to get my starting measurements here soon as well. I don’t have measurement goals really but it shows progress even if the scale doesn’t change.


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