Picture Dump


I am the one not wearing glasses. This is me and my cousin when I was in high school. We were having a photo shoot (a very eccentric one haha).


I am wearing my mom’s trench coat. I think my cousin has our grandmother’s clothes on. What am I looking at?


College hair dyed and cut. I am so pale, I mean it is almost supernatural and I kid you not I spent most of this summer outside! My pale skin is one reason I don’t take photos because I am essentially invisible.

Sam and Isadora

Sam with little Isadora! She is so precious!


My tattoo Sam has the same one on his arm. I chose my calf because ladies arms tend to get floppy with age lol I have huge calves it’s a genetic thing. I got them from my grandma/mom look down. Her forearms are bigger than her upper arm because she was an ice cream scooper!





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    • I don’t have my photo taken very often. Honestly we haven’t brought out the camera in a long time, even holidays go by without us bringing one along. We have to get some photos of Isadora at least! It is terrible how slack we have gotten about taking photos. I am really unphotogenic so photo taking isn’t my thing. I do like dressing up in silly things though haha

      • Yes dressing up is fun….you realise though that you thinking of yourself as not photogenic is a self perception others may not see about you…..though I understand getting past that perception is not easy….

      • No others see it as well in my case. I don’t look like myself in film, it actually shocks my husband continuously. I look better in real life (I am not gorgeous or anything but I am okay-looking). I actually have quite a strong and odd bone structure and it play tricks with the light and the camera so it doesn’t work. Plus we didn’t own a camera when I was a child so it feels unnatural to me and I get tense. Isadora has trouble with it as well because she is gorgeous but the camera doesn’t capture her as we see her

      • Yes I think I fit into the OK looking too, certainly not gorgeous…lol
        I think our children always look heaps better than us..sigh….could be old age in my case….have a great day…

    • I sort of feel guilty I don’t have new pics to share but I am so uncomfortable with the camera! I look too old (about 10 years older than I am on film, absolutely haggard) that is a big reason. I used to thin my hair then (I called it shearing the sheep) and they would take away a lot to make it more manageable I guess. Now I wear it at its natural volume I can’t believe how different it looks. I didn’t stop thinning it until I came to Sweden. I wish I never had done so.

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