Today’s workout was Plyocide from P90X2. Plyometrics plus suicide! Last night I woke up unable to straiten my leg because my knee had locked up. I eventually did get it strait (man that hurts). It doesn’t seem to matter whether I exercise or not or what sort of exercise I do during the day. It happens when I am asleep, it happens when I have a bent leg, but other than that I really can’t explain why it is happening. I tend to have more knee pain the worse my thyroid levels are so it could be related to that. I had an X-Ray in high school (this has been an issue since before I was old) but they didn’t find anything and I haven’t checked it since. With my knee being iffy I did not tuck jump I did a simple vertical hop which I can control better and doesn’t put so much force on my joints. I also did not jump off the step but stepped down and jumped once I was on the ground. My step was high though because my step was a stepstool (I used the top step because it was bigger and I didn’t want to risk missing and slipping on the smaller step). My jumping lunges are slow because I am not so good at them and it is easy to twist the knee but aside from that I think I kept up pretty well. The water breaks are short but adequate. I definitely broke a sweat and I thought the time went by quickly.

I am still not experiencing weight-loss this is the most discouraging thing about having Hypothyroidism it takes at least a month (often 2) and a lot of seaweed to even initiate slow weight-loss. I have to wait until the summer to get another thyroid test performed so I won’t know anything about it until then but I will be requesting a paper copy of my last results (they were never shown to me, I was only told that it was a little high). Still I figure I can eat well and exercise and build up good, solid healthy habits even if I can’t lose the extra pounds. Ah but it so demoralizing!


Missing in Action

First off the workout! There is no verbal instruction in this video which is a little bothersome but I believe on their site you can find videos with voice overs. The beginning is pretty ab intense. I didn’t have a magic circle so I used, a block, strap, kettlebell, Pilate’s Ball to make substitutions that I felt were appropriate and as close to the exercise as I could replicate. I love rollups btw! Is it just me or is this woman one of the most beautiful women in the world? I mean seriously!

Now for the scary bit. I took some before photos which I am too self-conscious to post at the moment haha I will post this image of my back which I have been working on very dutifully with the hopes of improving my posture (some success here) and gaining some muscle (fail despite gaining strength). The weird thing about this photo is aside from the fact that I have no muscle on my back at all is that I don’t have scapulae either??? I don’t have fat covering them so where the hell did they go? Anyhow here is my no back back. As you know my back is one of my least favorite body parts and often stops me from going swimming so I am being very brave here. Forgive my hair lol



I love the Real Time 30 Day Challenge but Day 10 isn’t my favorite. The instructor seems very distracted in this one and gets mixed up several times which throws me off a little bit even though I have done the challenge several times in the past. So if this is the first video you are seeing from this series please don’t judge it by this routine alone. Also be careful with sandbag swings! Don’t use too much weight if you are distracted or uncoordinated. I hurt my back a few years ago because I lost my focus on just one of the swings (I was using a 10 KG sandbag, it is easier for me to use a kettlebell so while I love my sandbag I no longer use one for this exercise). I have done the previous 9 days already. I started with those when I started working out again. Today I have an appointment to get my new glasses and a therapy session. I want to workout before therapy because it is so hard to know what kind of place I will be in emotionally after therapy (usually afterwards I need lots of cuddles, a talk, and time to veg out). The bus leaves at 9:50 am (it is an hour to the station and then a 15 minute walk to my therapist and another 15 minute walk back to the station) so I don’t have much time to get everything I need to get done done hence the preference for the shorter workout!

Boat with Towel

So here is the video I mentioned of me doing boat with a towel. Forgive me looking like a slob, that is the reality of how I dress when I am not going out for the day lol I told you I was tired and forgive my weird nervous face tics, the sight of the camera is just that uncomfortable. Also forgive my uncanny resemblance to Quasimodo and my chubbiness and the eye bags ugghhhhhh


I come baring videos this time so if you want you can test them out =)

This is a pretty strait forward Pilates video so if you are familiar with Pilates I think you will recognize most of the moves, if you are not familiar I think it is a pretty good introduction. Nothing is held so long or done so repetitively that it caused any issues for me.

This video I had to do twice in order to get both sides. The plie hop squats seemed to perplex my sleepy brain even though I have done them before. A storm last night kept me from getting a good night’s sleep. It was a long night of tossing and turning and I am still pretty run down from yesterday’s workout! I am not kidding yesterday was rough!

Isadora is really inflexible. They don’t work with flexibility in her gym class, mostly just cardio and a bit of strength, they barely even stretch and sometimes skip it altogether (drives me nuts!). So I have been looking up yoga for kids and I found this on youtube. They have other adventures on the channel if you’ve got kids and are interested. Basically it is yoga and a fun story at the same time. I really hope she enjoys it, she wanted to do yoga after school.

Zombies are on the rise

Today’s workout was Insanity Asylum Speed and Agility (athletic training). This workout was tough! I was dripping in sweat, muscles burning, huffing and puffing. I do not have an agility ladder but I tried my best to be precise in my movements. (I suck at hopscotch apparently) I had to take breaks for water and to catch my breath but I made sure not to miss any of the workout. I don’t exercise in a studio or warehouse like they do in these types of videos so I don’t have a lot of lateral space. Instead of walking push ups, I did side to side push ups, plank jacks, and shoulder taps. Generally I love bear crawls but man oh man were my legs burning this time because of the intensity of the workout (which is high if you missed that). I even tried the power jumps! I wouldn’t say I was fast or agile but I finished it haha I hope to do it again and see if I can take less breaks each time. I am not really a strait cardio person I like to mix it up with weights and such so I tend to move between intensity levels, this was high throughout but hopefully it will help improve my recovery times.

Right now I am so excited about all the new workouts I have that I want to try everything so I probably won’t do too many repeats. Eventually I will start doing repeats so I can learn the workouts and improve my speed/performance. I have written my schedule for this week out already and plan to do so every Monday XD

I am a little boat

Today I did Power and Balance P90X2. I loved it because I love working with balance but I like balancing with my own body. I am not 100% comfortable with the Pilates Ball particularly now that mine is in desperate need of inflating. I did use it but some of the exercises I opted for alternatives. My favorite exercise was the boat pose where you pass a the towel over and under the legs. I should make a video of it so you can see it because I can’t find one online to show you (I also liked the Warrior 3 Row and Shoulder Press Knee Raise). I am not sure I will mind because I am so self-conscious and sadly my laptop is entering her last year of life. Sam has been looking for an affordable replacement for both of us (his is also dying).

Getting Taller!

Today was my recovery day so nothing particularly interesting. I have a hard time taking recovery days even though I seriously needed this one. I am impatient I want my results NOW but I know that a moderate approach is going to keep me healthy/sane.

On a good note. I have gained ½ inch in height! Notice I didn’t say I grew because I am too old to be getting taller. As you know I have Kyphosis and I have been doggedly working on my posture even when I wasn’t exercising I was still working on posture. My shoulders used to be completely rounded forward and even lying on my back I was unable to open or relax them but now I can!!! I still have too much curve in the upper back but it has visually diminished and I can stand straighter and more naturally hence the increase in height (I measured at night as we are all taller in the morning). I do not know if I will ever be totally rid of this hump but the fact that at 35 I am reducing it pleases me immensely. If I can restore my posture it should reduce the pinched nerves which in turn should improve the circulation which may allow for a little muscle growth! I wonder how tall I would be with a normal spine? I will have to do posture exercises for life because I am a writer and hunkered in front of a screen for extended periods but the pain reduction alone has made them well worth it (in the beginning the exercises were painful because my posture was so horrendous but it has definitely gotten better with practice).

V Sculpt

I did V-Sculpt today from P90X2. I really like P90X so I had to give it a try. Now what I did is not really comparable to the workout presented. They did a gazillion pull ups. I don’t have a pull up bar installed in the new house (It destroyed my door frame in the old apartment, ripped the paint right off!) and even if I did I am not sure that I could do a pull up at this weight and level of fitness! So I had to improvise. I did downward dog push ups hands facing in, diamond push ups, military push ups, push ups alternating the med ball, clean and press, chest press, rows a variety of things instead of pull ups (the workout was full of pull ups okay). I did all the renegade stuff except I could not support my weight on my elbow on a Pilates Ball, I mean honestly I would have died haha They had some great stretches at the end for the shoulders which by then I seriously needed. I had trouble using the bands. I am sure bands work great but it takes me so long to set up and get them secure and the resistance how I need it that I feel like I am losing too much time so unless the exercise seems compelling with the bands I tend to sub with weights. Which is why I didn’t do the band substitutions for the pull ups.

If you are wondering why I am writing this here, it is just motivation for myself, to keep track until I get into the habit of exercising daily again. Though I don’t say as much I do 30 minutes of yoga in the morning with posture exercises and posture exercises before dinner as well.

The Horror!

Today I tried Insanity Asylum Back to Core. On a scale of one to ten in difficulty it was possibly a 13 haha. The first half was significantly harder than the last half though. It started with a million varieties of jumping jacks. I have no idea why I find jumping jacks so exhausting but I do. 1 minute of Burpees is like a rest and I am always grateful but 1 minute of jumping jacks and you’d think I’d run a marathon! So there’s that. Then I had to stay in this very low lunge (I couldn’t go as low because of knee issues, I went as low as I could while safely maintaining posture and stability) and do some flappy shit with my arms FOREVER and that was hard, the flappy stuff, not the lunge. After that though I was okay. I was surprised that I was fine with all the swimming variations we did because that is pretty intense lower back stuff and I have nothing on my back that could conceivably be mistaken for a muscle. Literally my back is flesh and bone (my shoulders also) and that is not for a lack of trying. I think it is so because I have a problem with my shoulders that generally only effects the elderly Frozen Shoulder (childhood injuries, coupled with Hypothyroidism caused it) and problems with subluxations and kyphosis. Though I do not visibly seem to be getting any muscles in those regions my posture, mobility, and strength have improved. I also have less frequent pinched nerves and when I get them they do not seem to last as long and no longer result in a total loss of motion in the arms so I am progressing in the right direction but damn if it hasn’t taken a long time. I imagine this workout would be a little easier if you have full strength and use of the shoulder.

Now on to my measurements which are a very potent reminder of my weight gain and lack of exercise. I hope in a month I will see a change but with Hypothyroidism it could be longer.

Chest: 38 inches/96.5 cm/D cup (I actually find it sad when this measurement decreases because I know it is my boobs I am losing. Hang in there girls!)

Right Arm and Left Arm (same): 10 ½ inches/26.5 cm (I expect about ½ to 1 inch loss here once I achieve my weight goal my arms have never been skinny but they aren’t flabby either so I have no opinion of them)

Hips: 39.5 inches/100 cm (This measurement shocked me! Prior to my long hiatus I was working out extensively in an attempt to build a backside, I normally have a modest one, apparently I was successful!)

Right Thigh and Left Thigh (same): 21.2 inches/53.8 cm (This one also shocked me because at this weight my legs should be larger, I think the weight from my thighs transferred to my backside. I am happy with this, I have always had big legs and so it is just a matter of toning)

Right Calf and Left Calf (same): 14 inches/35.5 cm (Yes, yes I have enormous calves I know. I can only expect about ½ inch loss here though because alas that is my genetic makeup. My calves are muscular and they bulk just from everyday life stuff so)

Waist: 26.8 inches/68 cm: (I hope to lose several inches here yikes.)

There you have it! If I go my usual route I should see inches go from the waist first (I hope!) Those monster calves are hanging on for dear life I can tell you that much they will without a doubt be the last to change.