Who ate my hat?

I might not become famous. I think it rather unlikely given my approach to life and my irredeemable tendency to waver over every significant decision. I accept that writing is my gift and though my gift is a modest one, it is nevertheless the gift I am designed to give. I couldn’t live without writing that’s certain but I am also not certain that I could survive life as a full-time writer. Before I am a writer, I am a romantic. For me family is first and so writing 14 hours a day in utter seclusion just does not work. I want to be healthy, I want to love deeply, I want to see my daughter grow up. And I even want 8 hours of sleep every night because without it I am stark raving mad and that is no exaggeration (I am literally nonfunctional laughing and crying/hysterically in a world all by myself). That said I will continue writing daily and I will publish more books (hopefully at a better pace than I have going now) but I am looking into part-time work. Ideally, I want to work in the library so I can be around books and so I can stock the shelves with books I am passionate about muahaha. I feel I need this experience, that I need to develop independence and confidence or else I can’t possibly succeed at writing even if I did later decide on that full-time.

So what did I get for my birthday?

Sam’s parents gave me cash which I used to buy chairs for our dining room. We never have enough chairs when the family is over and since we may be hosting Christmas this year I don’t want to have people sitting on step stools and the like. I still need to find a 2nd hair chair for my desk, yes I want a 2nd hand one because they have more character.

Sam’s sister got me a gift card to my favorite store and a plant.

Sam’s friend at work whom I have met a few times bought me pens, this particular make of pen has been used by several famous writers.

Sam bought me two dictionaries filled with insults and vulgarities from the 1800s!

A journal

A set of Blackwing pencils plus extra erasers and a pencil sharpener. Blackwing is also used by famous writers and other creative sorts.

I also got some colorful cute socks and chocolate

Prior to my b-day hubbie bought me a pair of Yellow Cab leather boots. I wear boots fall, winter, a good portion of spring, and in the summer when I can get away with it. I only ever change to wear sandals in the summer and running shoes when I am being sporty or intend to do a lot of walking. I even wear boots when I dress up instead of whatever else ladies’ wear.

exactly like this pair



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  1. I think you perfectly fit the image of a writer 🙂 It would be such a pleasure shopping for you and could only imagine such a wonderful look on your face every time you get a little treasure such as a pen or a journal (or more books). I even see you smiling (mind smile) as you wrote this 🙂 Happy birthday again!! (and again).

    • I am smiling =) I have published the one book and with the help of my husband and online friends it looks fantastic. I have enough material for more books. I have all the poems for the second (I have the title and the cover as well) and believe there is enough for a 3rd as well but there is always the hump of getting over my anxiety in the creation. My confidence is very low and I hope some real life experience will help me develop it.

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